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Volume 18, #4 (2001)

Box Sixty-Five:
Using Numbers that Count: Information or Revelation?
     Mark R. Peterson
A Dialogue on the Natural Resource Challenge
     Dale B. Engquist
     Guest Editor: Joe Sovick
Toward an Appreciation of the Dark Night Sky
     Joe Sovick
The Value of Dark Skies and of High-Quality Night Lighting—Building Public Awareness
     Elizabeth M. Alvarez del Castillo and David L. Crawford
The Ultimate Cultural Resource?
     Jerry Rogers and Joe Sovick
Preserving Pristine Night Skies in National Parks and the Wilderness Ethic
     Dan Duriscoe
Let There Be Dark: The National Park Service and the New Mexico Night Sky Protection Act
     Jerry Rogers and Joe Sovick
Visual Estimations of Night Sky Brightness
     Chadwick A. Moore
Modeling Light Pollution from Population Data and Implications for National Park Service Lands
     Steve Albers and Dan Duriscoe
Stargazing—A Driving Force in Ecotourism at Cherry Springs State Park
     Thom Bemus
Chaco’s Night Lights
     Brad Shattuck and G. B. Cornucopia
Light Pollution and Marine Turtle Hatchlings: The Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back?
     Mark Nicholas
Yellowstone by Night
     Lynn Chan and Eleanor Clark

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Volume 18, #3 (2001)

A Tribute to Robert Belous
     William E. Brown
      Guest Editor: Robert Manning
Introduction: Crossing Boundaries in Managing Recreational Use of National Parks and Related Areas
     Robert Manning
Crossing Experiential Boundaries: Visitor Preferences Regarding Tradeoffs Among Social, Resource, and Managerial Attributes of the Denali Wilderness Experience
     Steven Lawson and Robert Manning
Integrating Resource, Social, and Managerial Indicators of Quality into Carrying Capacity Decision-Making
     Peter Newman, Jeff Marion, and Kerri Cahill
Managing National Parks in a Multi-Cultural Society: Searching for Common Ground
     Myron Floyd
Bridging the Gap: Integrating Subsistence Issues into Indicator-Based Recreation Planning
     Daniel Laven, Robert Manning, Darryll Johnson, and Mark Vande Kamp
Norm Stability: A Longitudinal Analysis of Crowding and Related Norms in the Wilderness of Denali National Park and Preserv
     James Bacon, Robert Manning, Darryll Johnson, and Mark Vande Kamp
Crossing Methodological Boundaries: Assessing Visitor Motivations and Support for Management Actions at Yellowstone National Park Using Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches
     William Borrie, Wayne Freimund, Mae Davenport, and Robert Manning
Thinking and Acting Regionally: Toward Better Decisions About Appropriate Conditions, Standards, and Restrictions on Recreation Use
     Steven McCool and David Cole
Diversity in Outdoor Recreation: Planning and Managing a Spectrum of Visitor Opportunities In and Among Parks
     Cynthia Warzecha, Robert Manning, David Lime, and Wayne Freimund
Conserving Recreation Diversity: Collaborating Across Boundaries
     Glenn Haas
Crossing Programmatic Boundaries: Toward a More Integrated Approach to Planning and Managing the Visitor Experience
     Megha Budruk, Daniel Laven, Robert Manning, William Valliere, and Marilyn Hof

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Volume 18, #2 (2001)

Box Sixty-Five: Thoughts on the Artic Refuge's Future
     William E. Brown

The Human Element
     Roger Kennedy
The U.S. National Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative and the Role of Protected Areas
     Russell J. Hall and Catherine A. Langtimm
Searching for Biological Specimens from Midwestern Parks: Pitfalls and Solutions
     James P. Bennett

Twenty-first Century Strategies for Protected Areas in East Asia
     David Sheppard
Establishing Protected Areas in the Philippines: Emerging Trends, Challenges, and Prospects
     Rafael G. Senga
Conservation of Protected Areas in Thailand: The Case of Khao Yai National Park
     Pakkawadee Panusittikorn and Tony Prato

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Volume 18, #1 (2001)

Box Sixty-Five: A Second Century of Stewardship: Mission 2016
     John Donahue

Wilderness and Natural Resource Management in the NPS: Another View
     Bob Krumenaker
Sizes of Canadian National Parks and the Viability of Large Mammal Populations: Policy Implications
     Martine Landry, Vernon G. Thomas, and Thomas D. Nudds
The Taking of the Gettysburg Tower
     John Latschar
The War for the Future: Mountain Bikes and Golden Gate National Recreation Area
     Hal K. Rothman
The Zapovedniks of Russia
     Natalia Danilina
Consuming Nature: The Uneasy Relationship between Technology, Outdoor Recreation, and Protected Areas
     John Shultis
Ecological Studies of Bison in the Greater Yellowstone Area: Development and Implementation
     Peter J.P. Gogan, John A. Mack, Wayne G. Brewster, Edward M. Olexa, and Wendy E. Clark

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Volume 17, #4 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Path Not Taken: National Park Service
     Rchard West Sellars

Celebrating George Wright:
  A Retrospective on the 20th Anniversary of the GWS 
George Wright’s Vision: What Does It Mean Today?
     David Harmon
A Personal Tribute
     Pamela Wright Lloyd
George Melendez Wright, 1904-1936: A Voice on the Wing
     Jerry Emory and Pamela Wright Lloyd
The Significance of George Wright
     Richard West Sellars
A Summary List of George Wright’s Field Notes
     Compiled by Jerry Emory
A George Wright Bibliography
      Compiled by Jerry Emory
The Magic Window
     George M. Wright

Mosquitoes and Public Health: Protecting a Resource in the Face of Public Fear
     Constantine J. Dillon
Ah! Wilderness
     William E. Brown

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Volume 17, #3 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Role of Inventory in Resource Stewardship
     William R. Supernaugh

The State of State Parks
Our State Parks
     Maurice H. Schwartz
State Park Beginnings
     John Henneberger
Integrating Cultural and Natural History in State Park Management
     Rebecca Conard and Michael Carrier
Building a Constituency for State Parks: The Missouri Experience
     Susan Flader
The Implications of Sponsorship for State Park Management
     Rick Barton
The Design and Value of Service Learning Partnerships in State Parks
     Michael A Reiter, James P. Eagleman, and Jenna Luckenbaugh
News from the State Park Directors
     Glen D. Alexander
Challenges Facing State Parks
     Paul Pritchard

Estimating the Tourism Volume and Value in Protected Areas in Canada and the USA
     Paul F. J. Eagles, Daniel MvLean, and Mike J. Stabler
Conservation of the Sea Using Lessons from the Land
     Bradley W. Barr and James Lindholm

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Volume 17, #2 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Yellowstone Genetic Reservoir--Quandaries and Consequences of Exotic Introduction in Yellowstone National Park: A Consersation Between A Science Person and a Humanities Person
     Paul Schullery anbd John D. Varley

Taking Stock: Changing Ideas and Visions for Parks

Taking Stock
     Paul M. Bray
Park, Forest, and Wilderness
     Ethan Carr
From Management to Stewardship: The Making and Remaking of the U.S. National Park System
     Rolf Diamant
Postcards from Home
      Judith M. LaBelle
Parks for the Future: A European Perspective
     Roberto Gambino
The Evolving Shift in Protected Area Thought and Practices
     J. Gordon Nelson and Lucy M. Sportza
Conservation Without Frontiers: The Global View
     David Sheppard

Conservation Area Network in the Southern Appalachians
     Hugh Irwin and Susan Andrew
Resource Protection in the World's Largest Urban Park: A Model for Partnership Between Parks, Higher Education, and the Community
     Steven E James and Tim Martin
Legislative Practice and Nature Protection in Russia's Kola Peninsula
     Sergey Shestakov and Valery Barcan

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Volume 17, #1 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4Box Sixty-Five: The Great Transition
     William E. Brown

Landscape Stewardship: New Directions in Conservation of Nature and Culture

     Jessica Brown, Nora Mitchell, and Fausto O. Sarmiento
Protected Landscapes: A Conservation Model for the 21st Century
     Michael Beresford and Adrian Phillips
World Heritage Cultural Landscapes
     Mechtild Rossler
Protected Landscapes and Cultural Landscapes: Taking Advantage of Diverse Approaches
     Nora Mitchell anbd Susan Buggey
From the Caribbean to the Pacific: Community Conservation in Small Island States
     Giles Romulus and P.H.C. Lucas
Andean Stewardship: Tradition Linking Nature and Culture in Protected Landscapes of the Andes
     Fausto O. Sarmiento, Guillermo Rodriguez, Miriam Torres, Alejandro Argumedo, Mireya Munoz, and Jack Rodriguez
The Stewardship Appraoch and its Relevance for Protected Landscapes
     Jessica Brown and Brent Mitchell

Prioritizing the Research and Monitoring Needs of Terrestrial Mammals in National Parks
     Lisa Kay Garrett and R. Gerald Wright
Books in Brief
     reviewed by David Harmon

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Volume 16, #2 (1999)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Four R's as an Rx for the Andes... and Elsewhere?
     Lawrence S. Hamilton

Measuring Up Responsibly: Assessing Protected Areas Through State of Environment Reporting and Indicators

Overview: The Importance and Principles of State of Ecosystems Reporting and Indicators
     Ed B. Wiken
Continental Focus--Reporting on North America: Continental Connection
     Irene Pisanty-Baruch, Jane Barr, ed B. Wiken, and David A. Gauthier
National Focus--Reporting Indicators for Protected Areas and Ecosystems: A Natural Perspective
      Anthony M. Turner, Ed B. Wiken, and Nikita Lopoukhine
Regional Sector Focus--Reporting on Macro-Ecosystems: The Great Plains of North America
     David A Gauthier and Ed B. Wiken
Resource Sector Focus--Reporting and Indicators: Mechanisms in Ecologically Sustaining the Forested Sector
     Judy Loo and Harry Hirvonen

A Private Affair: Nature Reserves in the Hashemitte Kingdom of Jordan
     G.W. Burnett and Ingrid Schneider
Why Don't parks and Sanctuaries Protect Marine Fish Too?
     Gary E. Davis

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