Volume 26, #1 (2009)

Cover, vol. 26, no. 2

The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
George Melendez Wright and the National Park Idea
      Dayton Duncan

Traditional Cultural Properties: Putting Concept into Practice
      Charles W. Smythe and Frederick F. York, guest editors
The National Register Framework for Protecting Cultural Heritage Places
      Charles W. Smythe
Rethinking Traditional Cultural Properties?
      Thomas F. King
Traditional Cultural Places and the National Register
      Paul R. Lusignan
The Evolution of Federal Agency Authority to Manage Native American Cultural Sites
      Sherry Hutt
Indian Point Not for Sale; Or, Reflections on Indian Point
      Rosita Worl
Anatomy of a Traditional Cultural Property: The Saga of Auke Cape
      Thomas F. Thornton
Quantifying the Consequences of Fire Suppression in Two California National Parks
      Carol Miller and Brett Davis

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