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Volume 26, #1

Traditional Cultural Properties and the National Register

Volume 26, #2


Volume 26, #3


Beginning in 2007, The George Wright Forum is published three times a year

Volume 25, #1

Naturalness as a Benchmark for PAs

Volume 25, #2

Wild & Scenic Rivers; Climate Change & Cultural Resources

Volume 25, #3

Beginning in 2007, The George Wright Forum is published three times a year

Volume 24, #1

Climate Change

Volume 24, #2

Integrating Science & Management

Volume 24, #3

Archeology at NNLs

Beginning in 2007, The George Wright Forum is published three times a year

Volume 23, #1

ICOMOS-Ename Charter

Volume 23, #2

Visitor Impact Monitoring

Volume 23, #3

All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories

Volume 23, #4

Environmental Justice


Volume 22, #1

Landscape-Scale Conservation

Volume 22, #2


Volume 22, #3

Geodiversity & Geoconservation

Volume 22, #4

Fire Management


Volume 21, #1

Natural Soundscapes

Volume 21, #2

Intangible Values

Volume 21, #3

State of the CESUs

Volume 21, #4

Ocean Stewardship


Volume 20, #1

Volume 20, #2

Stewardship of Heritage Areas

Volume 20, #3

The Challenge of Wilderness

Volume 20, #4

Voices from the World Parks Congress


Volume 19, #1

Applied Geography

Volume 19, #2

Once Again, Why Public Parks?

Volume 19, #3

Volume 19, #4

Civic Engagement at Sites of Conscience


Volume 18, #1

Volume 18, #2

Protected Areas in East Asia

Volume 18, #3

Recreational Use of Parks & Protected Areas

Volume 18, #4

Protecting Dark Skies


Volume 17, #1

Landscape Stewardship

Volume 17, #2

Changing Ideas and Visions for Parks

Volume 17, #3

The State of State Parks

Volume 17, #4

GWS 20th Anniversary Issue


Volume 16, #1

The Chesapeake Bay Program

Volume 16, #2

State of the Environment Reporting

Volume 16, #3

National Park Service Management Policy

Volume 16, #4

Archaeology & the National Park Idea


Volume 15, #1

The Business Connection

Volume 15, #2

Italian Park Experience / Civil War Parks I

Volume 15, #3

Global Connections / Civil War Parks II

Volume 15, #4

Historical Perspectives on Science in Yellowstone


Volume 14, #1

Wildlife Policy, Philosophy & Politics

Volume 14, #2

Volume 14, #3

Lat. American Mountain Protected Areas

Volume 14, #4


Volume 13, #1

Nature & Culture in Historic Landscapes

Volume 13, #2

Values, Ethics, and Public Lands

Volume 13, #3

Voices of the New West

Volume 13, #4


Volume 12, #1

North America Protected Area Inventory

Volume 12, #2

Parks in a Re-Emerging Russia

Volume 12, #3

Volume 12, #4


Volume 11, #1

Volume 11, #2

Preservation / Interpreta-tion of Historic Sites

Volume 11, #3

Population Growth and Protected Areas

Volume 11, #4

30th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act


Volume 10, #1

Volume 10, #2

Lessons of the Past / Future Foundations

Volume 10, #3

Volume 10, #4

Sustainability, Respect, and Responsibility


Volume 8, #4

New Perspectives from the US Forest Service

Volume 9, #1

Exotic Species in National Parks

Volume 9, #2

Dam Licensing and Protected Areas

Volume 9, #3/4

World Parks Congress Workshop on Research


Volume 7, #4

Volume 8, #1

Challenges in Protected Area Management

Volume 8, #2


Volume 8, #3


Volume 6, #4

Volume 7, #1

Volume 7, #2

10th Anniversary Issue

Volume 7, #3 (1991)

NPS Global Change Research Program


Volume 6, #1

Volume 6, #2

Volume 6, #3


Volume 5, #4


Volume 5, #2

Volume 5, #3


Volume 4, #4

Volume 5, #1


Volume 4, #2

Volume 4, #3


Volume 4, #1


Volume 3, #1

Volume 3, #2

Volume 3, #3

Volume 3, #4


Volume 2, #1

Volume 2, #2

Volume 2, #3

Volume 2, #4


Volume 1, #1

Volume 1, #2

Contents by issue

1:1 (1981)

1:2 (1981)

2:1 (1982)

2:2 (1982)

2:3 (1982) OUT OF PRINT

2:4 (1982)

3:1 (1983)

3:2 (1983)

3:3 (1983)

3:4 (1983) OUT OF PRINT

4:1 (1984) OUT OF PRINT

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4:2 (1985) OUT OF PRINT

4:3 (1985)

4:4 (1986) OUT OF PRINT

5:1 (1986)

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5:2 (1987)

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5:3 (1987)

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5:4 (1988)

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6:1 (1989)

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6:2 (1989)

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6:3 (1989)

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6:4 (1990)

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7:1 (1990)

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7:2 (1990) / GWS 10th Anniversary Issue

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7:3 (1991)

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The Global Change Research Program and the U.S. National Park Service: Six Essays

7:4 (1991)

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8:1 (1991) / Challenges in Protected Area Management

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8:2 (1991) / Landscapes

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8:3 (1991)

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8:4 (1992) / New Perspectives from the U.S. Forest Service (OUT OF PRINT)
Jim Caplan, guest ed.

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  • Reflections on Vail / William E. Brown
  • In Memoriam: Jane Thompson

    9:1 (1992) / Exotic Species in U.S. National Parks: Diverse Facets of an Increasingly Pervasive Problem
    Lloyd L. Loope, guest ed.

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  • New National Parks and Other Protected Areas in Norway / Olav Nord-Varhaug and Jan-Petter Huberth Hansen

    9:2 (1992)

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  • Letter from Gustavus: Building Community and Public Value with Parks / William E. Brown

    Dam Licensing & Protected Areas
    Stephanie Toothman, guest ed.

    9:3/4 (1992) (DOUBLE ISSUE; 170 pp.)

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  • Letter from Gustavus: A New Day Dawning / William E. Brown
  • The Public Lands of the United States--An Endangered Species / Gaylord Nelson

    Research in Protected Areas: Papers from the 4th World Congress on National Parks & Protected Areas

    10:1 (1993)

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    10:2 (1993) OUT OF PRINT

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    Lessons of the Past--Foundations for the Future
    John Donahue, Guest Editor

    10:3 (1993)

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    10:4 (1993) / Sustainability, Respect, and Responsibility

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    Joseph C. Dunstan, Katherine L. Jope & Geoffrey M. Swan, Guest Editors

    11:1 (1994)

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    11:2 (1994)

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    Preservation and Interpretation of Historic Sites, Landscapes, and Environments
    William H. Mulligan, Jr., Guest Editor

    11:3 (1994) OUT OF PRINT

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    Population Growth, Demographic Change, and the Future of Protected Areas

    11:4 (1994)

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    Three Views of the Wild on the 30th Anniversary of The Wilderness Act

    12:1 (1995) / Toward an Inventory of North American Protected Areas

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    12:2 (1995)

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    Report from Portland: The 8th Conference on Research and Resource Management in Parks and on Public Lands

    Parks and Reserves in a Re-emerging Russia

    12:3 (1995)

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    12:4 (1995)

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    13:1 (1996)

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    Balancing Nature and Culture in Historic Landscapes
    Charles A. Birnbaum and Sandra L. Tallant, Guest Editors

    13:2 (1996)

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    Values, Ethics, and Public Lands
    Robert E. Manning, Guest Editor

    13:3 (1996) (OUT OF PRINT)

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    Voices of the New West: The National Park Service in the 20th Century / Art Gómez, Guest Editor

    13:4 (1996)

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    14:1 (1997)

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  • Ben H. Thompson, 1904-1997 / Howie Thompson
  • Box 65: Between Jihad and McWorld: Parks and the Question of National Identity / David Harmon
  • Wildlife in Parks: Policy, Philosophy, and Politics / John Donahue, Guest Editor

  • Mitigating Effects to Battlefield Landscapes: A National Park Service–U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Partnership / Noel G. Harrison
  • Developing a Business Approach to Protected Areas Management / Neil Munro
  • Book Review: Science and Ecosystem Management in the National Parks / Ronald D. Hiebert

    14:2 (1997)

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    14:3 (1997) (OUT OF PRINT)

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    Latin American Mountain Protected Areas / Fausto O. Sarmiento, Guest Editor

    Latin American Mountain Protected Areas: An Introduction / Fausto O. Sarmiento

    Discovering the Lost World: Canaima National Park and World Heritage Site, Venezuela / Christopher J. Sharpe & Iokiñe Rodríguez

    Advances in the Management of Recreational Use of Huascarán National Park, Peru / Miriam Edith Torres Angeles

    The Lakes in Andean Protected Areas of Ecuador / Miriam Steinitz-Kannan

    Land Use Changes Directed Towards Sustainable Development in Los Santos Forest Reserve, Costa Rica / Maarten Kappelle & Marta E. Juárez

    The Río Abiseo National Park, Peru / Adrián Mendoza Ocampo & Anselmo Lozano Calderón

    The Quijos River Valley: A Protected Landscape as Best Management Practice for Conservation and Development in Tropandean Ecuador / Fausto O. Sarmiento

    14:4 (1997)

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     15:1 (1998)

    The Business Connection / Guest Editor: Maurice H. Schwartz

    The Business Connection: An Introduction / Maurice H. Schwartz

    The Foundations of the National Parks: Ideals and Realities / Alfred Runte

    The Economic Role of America's National Parks: Moving Beyond a Tourist Perspective / Thomas Michael Power

    The Business of the Parks / T. Destry Jarvis

    The Management Implications of Revenue Parks / Rick Barton

    A Walk in the Park: Fee or Free? / Shane Miller

    NPS and the $300,000 Privy: A Parable for Management / Phil Voorhees & Eileen Woodford

    15:2 (1998)

    Learning from the Italian Park Experience / Guest Editor: Paul M. Bray

    Italian Park and Protected Area Experience and Twinning / Paul M. Bray

    Ideas from Overseas: American Preservation and Italian Restoration / Marcus Hall

    Parks and Protected Areas in Italy: An Overview / Roberto Gambino

    Italy's Leap Forward in Nature Protection Legislation / James Sievert

    From the National Park to Regional Systems of Linked National Parks and Protected Areas / Franco Tassi

    The Parco Artistico, Naturale e Culturale della Val d'Orcia / Vieri Quilici

    Sacred Ground: Preserving America's Civil War Heritage--Part 1 / Guest Editors: Joseph E. Brent & William H. Mulligan, Jr.

    Introduction / Joseph E. Brent & William H. Mulligan, Jr.

    The American Battlefield Protection Program: Forging Preservation Partnerships at Historic Battlefield / Tanya M. Gossett

    Preserving Kentucky's Civil War Sites: Grassroots Efforts and Statewide Leadership / Joseph E. Brent

    The Making of "Lee's Retreat Driving Tour" / Chris Calkins

    15:3 (1998)


    Protected Areas: Making the Global Connection / Guest Editor: Debra Clausen

    Protected Areas Networks Coordinate Conservation of Shared Resources / Debra Clausen

    A Global Representative System of Marine Protected Areas / Graeme Kelleher

    Shorebird Conservation: Protecting Habitats for Hemispheric Migrants / Jim Corven

    The Shorebird Sister Schools Program / Heather Johnson

    A Circumpolar Protected Areas Network for Conserving Biological Diversity / Leslie Kerr & Finn Kateras

    The Mountain Protected Areas Network / Lawrence S. Hamilton

    The World Commission on Protected Areas: A Network of Professional Expertise / David Sheppard


    Sacred Ground: Preserving America's Civil War Heritage--Part 2 / Guest Editors: Joseph E. Brent & William H. Mulligan, Jr.

    Thousand-Mile Front: Civil War in the Lower Mississippi Valley / Sharon A. Calcote

    Bilateral Resource Management and Development: The Illinois–Kentucky Civil War Heritage Trail / Stephen A. Thompson

    Interpretation and Preservation of Civil War Sites: Two Case Studies from West Kentucky / William H. Mulligan, Jr.

    Preserving Mississippi's Civil War Heritage / Terrence J. Winschel


    15:4 (1998)


    Title II of the National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998: The Complete Text


    Historical Perspectives on Science and Management in Yellowstone National Park / Guest Editors: Susan Rhoades Neel & Paul Schullery

    Introduction / Susan Rhoades Neel & Paul Schullery

    Preserving the Beasts of Waste and Desolation: Theodore Roosevelt and Predator Control in Yellowstone National Park / Jeremy Johnston

    Charles C. Adams and Early Ecological Rationales for Yellowstone National Park, 1916-1941 / James Pritchard

    The War Against Blister Rust in Yellowstone National Park, 1945-1978 / Katherine C. Kendall & Jennifer M. Asebrook

    A Public Face for Science: A. Starker Leopold and the Leopold Report / Kiki Leigh Rydell


    16:1 (1999)


    Guest Editors: Kent Mountford, Charles D. Rafkind, and John Donahue

  • 16:2 (1999)


    Overview: The Importance and Principles of State of Ecosystem Reporting and Indicators / Ed B. Wiken

    Continental Focus o Reporting on North America: Continental Connections / Irene Pisanty-Baruch, Jane Barr, Ed B. Wiken & David A. Gauthier

    National Focus o Reporting and Indicators for Protected Areas and Ecosystems: A National Perspective / Anthony M. Turner, Ed B. Wiken, and Nikita Lopoukhine

    Regional Sector Focus o Reporting on Macro-Ecosystems: The Great Plains of North America / David A. Gauthier and Ed B. Wiken

    Resource Sector Focus o Reporting and Indicators: Mechanisms in Ecologically Sustaining the Forested Sector / Judy Loo & Harry Hirvonen

    A Private Affair: Nature Reserves in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan / G. W. Burnett & Ingrid Schneider

    Why Don't Parks and Sanctuaries Protect Marine Fish Too? / Gary E. Davis

    16:3 (1999)


    Guest Editor: Ruthann Knudson

    Introduction: Recommitting to Stewardship / Michael A. Soukup

    National Park Service Management Policies for the National Park System / John G. Dennis

    Interpreting Wildlife Management Policy to Meet Individual Park Needs / William R. Supernaugh

    Wild Life is More than Wildlife: Policy for Other Animals in the National Parks / Michael A. Ruggiero

    Wildlife Management in an Ecosystem Context: The Role of Vegetation in Management and Policies / Linda L. Wallace

    Using the Past to Shape National Park Service Policy for Wild Life / Ruthann Knudson

    Values, Science, and Policy: How Best to Serve the National Parks / Frederic H. Wagner

    Absolutely American and Absolutely Democratic: National Parks and Policy Change / John C. Freemuth

    The Partnership Between Park Wild Life Management Policy and Landscape Wild Life Management Policy: How Shall We Then Manage? / William L. Halvorson and Chris Eastin

    Key Differences in Thought in Science and Values Regarding National Park Service Wildlife Management Policies / Thomas M. Franklin

    16:4 (1999)

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    Box Sixty-Five: The USNPS Natural Resource Challenge: It's Not About Money, It's About Priorities / Karen P. Wade



    Introduction / John H. Jameson, Jr.

    Loving it to Death: The Gran Pajatén Predicament / Warren B. Church

    The Battle for Sydney Harbour / Denis Gojak

    Management Strategies and the Component of Indigenous Sacred Places: The Dreaming and Aboriginal Involvement in Site Management Within Northern Territory National Parks, Australia / Ken Mulvaney

    Expanding Horizons: Environmental and Cultural Values Within Natural Boundaries / Judith Powell

    Archaeology and Rocky Mountain Ecosystem Management: Theory and Practice / Martin Magne

    History, Politics and Culture: Archaeology and Interpretation in British National Parks / Harold Mytum

    The Genius of the Place: Managing a "Mini-National Park" at Bede's World / Peter Fowler and Miriam Harte

    Developing a Management Plan for the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site / Marion Blockley


    Reinterpreting the Cultural Landscape of Chalmette Battlefield: Landscape Management Strategies for Parks with Multiple Layers of History / Kevin Risk

    17:1 (2000)

    William B. Robertson, Jr., 1924-2000

    Box Sixty-Five: The Great Transition / William E. Brown


    Guest Editors: Jessica Brown, Nora Mitchell, and Fausto Sarmiento

    Introduction / Jessica Brown, Nora Mitchell, and Fausto O. Sarmiento

    Protected Landscapes: A Conservation Model for the 21st Century / Michael Beresford and Adrian Phillips

    World Heritage Cultural Landscapes / Mechtild Rössler

    Protected Landscapes and Cultural Landscapes: Taking Advantage of Diverse Approaches / Nora Mitchell and Susan Buggey

    From the Caribbean to the Pacific: Community Conservation in Small Island States / Giles Romulus and P.H.C. Lucas

    Andean Stewardship: Tradition Linking Nature and Culture in Protected Landscapes of the Andes / Fausto O. Sarmiento, Guillermo Rodríguez, Miriam Torres, Alejandro Argumedo, Mireya Muñoz, and Jack Rodríguez

    The Stewardship Approach and its Relevance for Protected Landscapes / Jessica Brown and Brent Mitchell

    Prioritizing the Research and Monitoring Needs of Terrestrial Mammals in National Parks / Lisa Kay Garrett and R. Gerald Wright

    Books in Brief / Reviewed by David Harmon

    17:2 (2000)

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    Box Sixty-Five: The Yellowstone Genetic Reservoir:-Quandaries and Consequences of Exotic Introductions in Yellowstone National Park: A Conversation Between a Science Person and a Humanities Person / Paul Schullery and John D. Varley



    Guest Editor: Paul M. Bray

    Taking Stock / Paul M. Bray

    Park, Forest, and Wilderness / Ethan Carr

    From Management to Stewardship: The Making and Remaking of the U.S. National Park System / Rolf Diamant

    Postcards from Home / Judith M. LaBelle

    Parks for the Future: A European Perspective / Roberto Gambino

    The Evolving Shift in Protected Area Thought and Practice / J. Gordon Nelson and Lucy M. Sportza

    Conservation Without Frontiers: The Global View / David Sheppard


    Conservation Area Network in the Southern Appalachians / Hugh Irwin and Susan Andrew

    Resource Protection in the World's Largest Urban Park: A Model for Partnership Between Parks, Higher Education, and the Community / Steven E. James and Tim Martin

    Legislative Practice and Nature Protection in Russia's Kola Peninsula / Sergey Shestakov and Valery Barcan

    17:3 (2000)

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    Box Sixty-Five: The Role of Inventory in Resource Stewardship / William R. Supernaugh



    Guest Editor: Maurice H. Schwartz

    Our State Parks / Maurice H. Schwartz

    State Park Beginnings / John Henneberger

    Integrating Cultural and Natural History in State Park Management / Rebecca Conard and Michael Carrier

    Building a Constituency for State Parks: The Missouri Experience / Susan Flader

    The Implications of Sponsorship for State Park Management / Rick Barton

    The Design and Value of Service Learning Partnerships in State Parks / Michael A. Reiter, James P. Eagleman, and Jenna Luckenbaugh

    News from the State Park Directors / Glen D. Alexander

    Challenges Facing State Parks / Paul Pritchard


    Estimating the Tourism Volume and Value in Protected Areas in Canada and the USA / Paul F. J. Eagles, Daniel McLean, and Mike J. Stabler

    Conservation of the Sea Using Lessons from the Land / Bradley W. Barr and James Lindholm

    17:4 (2000)

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    Box Sixty-Five: The Path Not Taken: National Park Service Wilderness Management / Richard West Sellars


    Mosquitoes and Public Health: Protecting a Resource in the Face of Public Fear / Constantine J. Dillon

    Ah! Wilderness / William E. Brown

    18:1 (2001)

    18:2 (2001)

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    18:3 (2001)

    A Tribute to Robert Belous / William E. Brown

    Guest Editor: Robert Manning

    18:4 (2001)

    Box Sixty-Five: Using Numbers that Count: Information or Revelation? / Mark R. Peterson
    A Dialogue on the Natural Resource Challenge / Dale B. Engquist

    PROTECTING DARK SKIES / Guest Editor: Joe Sovick

    19:1 (2002)

    APPLIED GEOGRAPHY / Guest Editor: Leslie Armstrong

    The Success of Planning Partnerships: Three National Park Service Case Studies / Ronald W. Johnson

    The Hair of the Dog that Bit You: Using Special Events to Help Understand and Manage Their Impacts—A Case Study of Crissy Field, Golden Gate National Recreation Area / Gregory Paynter Shine

    19:2 (2002)

    ONCE AGAIN, WHY PUBLIC PARKS? / Guest Editor: Maurice H. Schwartz

    Management of Resources-Based Tourism at Tikal National Park in Northern Guatemala / Ikuko Fujisaki

    19:3 (2002)

    19:4 (2002)

    CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AT SITES OF CONSCIENCE / Martin Blatt, guest editor

    20:1 (2003)

    20:2 (2003)

    STEWARDSHIP OF HERITAGE AREAS / Brenda Barrett & Nora Mitchell, guest editors

    20:3 (2003)

    Mission Statements: Where We Need to Go—Lessons from Septima Clark / Dwight T. Pitcaithley

    Science, Emotion, and Advocacy: An Interview with Richard Leakey


    20:4 (2003)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    INSIDE THE GWS: Why Should I Join? / Rick Smith

    VOICES FROM DURBAN: Reflections on the 2003 World Parks Congress

    Through the Fog of War in Iraq: Lessons Learned in Heritage Preservation / Ann Hitchcock

    Alleviating Multiple Threats to Protected Areas with Adaptive Ecosystem Management: The Case of Waterton–Glacier International Peace Park / Tony Prato

    How Attitudes and Values Shape Access to National Parks / Joanna Kafarowski

    The Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Conservation / Ben A. Minteer and Robert E. Manning

    21:1 (2004)

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    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Mission Statements
    From Deep History to the Century of the Environment: The National Park Service as Environmental Leader / Edward O. Wilson

    Howie Thompson, guest editor

    For Whom Will the Liberty Bell Toll? From Controversy to Collaboration / Gary B. Nash

    Business Models for Protected Areas / Jonathan Meade

    21:2 (2004)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Mission Statements
    Reading the Earth: From Wonder to Appreciation / Robert Sterling Yard

    Protected Landscapes in Canada: Current Practice and Future Significance / Guy S. Swinnerton and Susan Buggey

    21:3 (2004)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Mission Statements
    Celebrating Wilderness in 2004 / Roderick Frazier Nash

    An Evaluation of the National Park Service’s Wilderness Program on the 40th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act / Jim Walters

    A Conservation Agenda in an Era of Poverty / Steven E. Sanderson

    The State of the CESU Network / Gary E. Machlis and Jean E. McKendry

    Learning from World Heritage: Lessons from ‘International Preservation & Stewardship of
    Cultural & Ecological Landscapes of Global Significance,’ the 7th US/ICOMOS International Symposium / Patricia M. O’Donnell

    The Natchitoches Declaration on Heritage Landscapes

    21:4 (2004)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Robert M. Linn, 1926–2004: A Remembrance of the GWS Co-Founder / David Harmon

    Report on the ESRI International User Conference 2004 / Leslie Armstrong and Tennille Williams

    A Public Opinion Survey on Wildland Fire in Grand Canyon National Park / Nancy Eileen Muleady-Mecham, Martha E. Lee, and Brent D. Burch

    Ocean Stewardship

    Maintaining Unimpaired Ocean Resources and Experiences: A National Park Service Ocean Stewardship Strategy / Gary E. Davis

    Seamless Network of Ocean Parks and Marine Sanctuaries: The National Park Service / National Marine Sanctuary Partnership/ Bradley W. Barr

    Ocean StewardshipThe Economics of Marine Protected Areas in the High Seas / Paul Morling

    Multiple Attribute Evaluation for National Parks and Protected Areas / Tony Prato

    22:1 (2005)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Daniel N. Laven, Nora J. Mitchell, and Deane Wang, guest editors

    Examining Conservation Practice at the Landscape Scale / Daniel N. Laven, Nora J. Mitchell, and Deane Wang

    National Heritage Areas: Places on the Land, Places in the Mind / Brenda Barrett

    The Right Direction: Imagining the Future of the Potomac / J. Glenn Eugster

    From Conservation Diplomacy to Transborder Landscapes: The Protection of Biodiversity Across North America’s Borders / Charles C. Chester

    Two Countries, One Forest — Deux Pays, Une Forêt: Launching a Landscape-Scale Conservation Collaborative in the Northern Appalachian Region of the United States and Canada / Emily M. Bateson

    On Defying Nature’s End: The Case for Landscape-Scale Conservation / Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca, Aaron Bruner, Russell A. Mittermeier, Keith Alger, Claude Gascon, and Richard E. Rice

    Protected Areas in 2023: Scenarios for an Uncertain Future / Jeffrey A. McNeely

    What Should Protected Areas Managers Do in the Face of Climate Change? / David Welch

    Contents of The George Wright Forum, Volume 21 (2004)

    22:2 (2005)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Maurice H. Schwartz, guest editor

    Privatization: An Overview—Introduction and Summary / Maurice H. Schwartz

    From Public to Private: Five Concepts of Park Management and Their Consequences / Thomas A. More

    The Greater Realities of Privatization: A Historian’s Perspective / Alfred Runte

    Entrepreneurism in America’s State Parks / Ney C. Landrum

    Beyond the Public Park Paradigm / Sylvia LeRoy

    Competitive Sourcing in Our National Parks / Geoffrey F. Segal

    The Effects of Neo-Conservatism on Park Science, Management, and Administration: Examples and a Discussion / John Shultis

    Forces Underlying the Emergence of Privatization in Parks and Recreation
    (Executive Summary) / John L. Crompton

    A New Tragedy for the Commons: The Threat of Privatization to National Parks (and Other Public Lands) / Bill Wade

    The Recreation Fee Demonstration Program and Beyond / Scott Silver

    22:3 (2005)

    Society News, Notes & Mail

    Vincent L. Santucci, guest editor

    Geodiversity and Geoconservation: What, Why, and How? / Murray Gray

    Application of Paleoecologic Methods to Coastal Resource Management: An Example from Biscayne National Park / G. Lynn Wingard

    The Geological Foundation for Prescribed Fire in Mammoth Cave National Park / Rick Olson and Caroline Noble

    Historical Perspectives on Biodiversity and Geodiversity / Vincent L. Santucci

    New Wildernesses Can Be Created: A Personal History of the Gaylord Nelson Wilderness at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore / Bob Krumenaker

    Contemplating One-Sided Clams: The Northern Abalone Quincunx / N. A. Sloan

    The Moral Power of the World Conservation Movement to Engage Economic Globalization / Ron Engel

    22:4 (2005)

    Thanks for the Memories / Jean Matthews

    Bruce M. Kilgore, guest editor

    Fire Management in Parks and Protected Areas: An Introduction and Summary
    Bruce M. Kilgore

    Fire in the Parks: A Case Study for Change Management
    Norman L. Christensen

    The Wildland Fire Challenge: Protecting Communities and Restoring Ecosystems
    Gregory H. Aplet and Bo Wilmer

    Forest Health and Fire in the National Parks: Workshop Summary
    Norman L. Christensen

    Fire, Forest Health, and Biodiversity: A Summary of the Proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium of the National Commission on Science and Sustainable Forestry
    Norman L. Christensen

    Federal Forest Fire Policy in the United States
    Scott L. Stephens and Lawrence W. Ruth

    Fire, Ecosystems, and People:
    A Preliminary Assessment of Fire as a Global Conservation Issue
    Jeff Hardesty, Ron Myers, and Wendy Fulks

    23:1 (2006)

  • Box Sixty-Five: The Four R's as an Rx for the Andes ... and Elsewhere? / Lawrence S. Hamilton

    WCPA News: Raising the Profile of Protected Areas in the Convention on Biological Diversity


  • The Antiquities Act: The First Hundred Years of a Landmark Law / David Harmon, Francis P. McManamon, and Dwight T. Pitcaithley


  • Application of an Issue Evolution Model to Wildlife Issues in National Parks / Kirsten M. Leong, Daniel J. Decker, Margaret A. Wild, and John Karish
  • Adaptive Management of National Park Ecosystems / Tony Prato
  • Partners in Parks: 1988–2006 / Sarah G. Bishop

  • 23:2 (2006)
    Christopher Monz and Yu-Fai Leung, guest editors
  • Visitor Impact Monitoring: Old Issues, New Challenges—An Introduction to this Special Issue
    Yu-Fai Leung and Christopher Monz
  • Visitor and Recreation Impact Monitoring: Is It Lost in the Gulf between Science and Management?
    David N. Cole
  • Meaningful Measures: Developing Indicators of Visitor Impact in the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program
    Christopher Monz and Yu-Fai Leung
  • Monitoring Campsite Proliferation and Conditions: Recent Methodological Considerations
    Peter Newman, Christopher Monz, Yu-Fai Leung, David M. Theobald
  • Monitoring Trail Conditions: New Methodological Considerations
    Jeffrey L. Marion, Yu-Fai Leung, and Sanjay K. Nepal
  • Assessing the Effects of Human Activities on Wildlife
    Robert J. Steidl and Brian F. Powell
  • Recreation Monitoring at Acadia National Park
    Robert Manning, Charles Jacobi, and Jeffrey L. Marion
  • VERP: Putting Principles into Practice in Yosemite National Park
    James Bacon, James Roche, Crystal Elliot, and Niki Nicholas

  • 23:3 (2006)
  • Announcing the 2007 George Melendez Wright Student Travel Scholarships / “Walkin’ in the Footsteps of George” Silent Auction

    The Antiquities Act and the Acreage Debate
    Frank Norris
  • The All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    Becky Nichols, guest editor
  • Prologue
    Michael Soukup
  • The ATBI in the Smokies: An Overview
    Peter White and Keith Langdon
  • The Science Approach to the Smokies ATBI
    Charles Parker and Ernest Bernard
  • Science Education Programs with the ATBI
    Jeanie Hilten, Jamie Cox, Dan Dourson, Heather Grossnickle, Jennifer Pierce, Susan Sachs, Paul Super, and Mark Wetzel
  • Implications of an ATBI for Reserve Stewardship
    Keith Langdon, Peter White, and Becky Nichols
  • Scientific Findings, Success Stories, Lessons Learned, and an Alliance of ATBIs
    Keith Langdon, Charles Parker, and Becky Nichols

  • 23:4 (2006)
  • History Repeats? Hydro Dams and the Riverine Ecosystems of Mesoamerica: The Case of La Amistad Biosphere Reserve, Panama, and its Implications
    William O. McLarney
  • Targeting Conservation Easements to Reduce Impacts of Private Land Development on Protected Areas
    Tony Prato
  • Island-specific Ecological Release of Small Mammals in Lake Michigan and Potential Consequences for Ground-nesting Birds: The Importance of American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) in Structuring Small-mammal Communities
    J. N. Rosemier and D. J. Flaspohler
  • Environmental Justice
    Gillian Bowser, guest editor
  • Through the Eyes of a Child: The Many Aspects of Environmental Justice
    Gillian Bowser
  • Fear of the Boom Box: Death Knell for Our Public Lands?
    Audrey Peterman
  • Managers’ Perceptions of Issues in Serving Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Urban Parks
    Michael A. Schuett and Gillian Bowser
  • The Challenge of Environmental Justice for Children: The Impact of Cumulative Disadvantageous Risks
    Corliss Wilson Outley
  • Is Curiosity Good for Anybody?
    Henry F. Howe
  • The Concrete Jungle
    Gillian Bowser

  • 24:1 (2007)
  • The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series: An Introduction
  • The National Park System and the Historic American Past: A Brief Overview and Reflection
    Richard West Sellars
  • Glacier National Park and Its Neighbors: A Twenty-Year Assessment of Regional Resource Management
    Joseph L. Sax and Robert B. Keiter

  • The Challenges of Climate Change
    Losing Ground: Western National Parks Endangered by Climate Disruption
    Stephen Saunders, Tom Easley, Jesse A. Logan, and Theo Spencer
  • An Inarticulate Truth: Communicating the Science of Global Climate Change
    Jonathan B. Jarvis•

  • The National Park Service Interpretation and Education Evaluation Summit
  • Learning Together: A Summary of the National Park Service Interpretation and Education Evaluation Summit
    Julia Washburn, editor
  • Remarks from the Chair, Education Committee, National Park System Advisory Board
    Daniel L. Ritchie
  • Remarks from the Director, National Park Service
    Mary Bomar

  • 24:2 (2007)
  • The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
    On the Brink of Greatness: National Parks and the Next Century
    Dwight T. Pitcaithley
  • Integrating Science and Management
    Alice Wondrak Biel, Robert E. Bennetts, Bruce B. Bingham, and Andy Hubbard, guest editors
  • Part I: Essays
    Integrating Science and Management: The Road to Rico-Chico
    Bruce B. Bingham, Robert E. Bennetts, and Andy Hubbard
  • Integrating Science and Management: Becoming Who We Thought We Were
    Michael Soukup
  • The Quandaries and Promise of Risk Management:
    A Scientist’s Perspective on Integration of Science and Management

    Bruce G. Marcot
  • The Role of Science in National Park Service Decision-making
    Suzanne Lewis
  • Information Management: Barrier or Bridge to Integrating
    Natural Resources Science and Management?

  • Bruce B. Bingham
  • Part II: Case Studies and Papers
    The Challenge of Communicating Monitoring Results to Effect Change
    Shawn L. Carter, Giselle Mora-Bourgeois, Todd R. Lookingbill, Tim J. B. Carruthers, and William C. Dennison
  • Linking Monitoring to Management and Planning: Assessment Points
    as a Generalized Approach

    Robert E. Bennetts, John E. Gross, Kerri Cahill, Cheryl McIntyre, Bruce B. Bingham,
    Andy Hubbard, Lane Cameron, and Shawn L. Carter
  • The Road to Integrating Science and Management:
    Planning Your Next Trip Using Hierarchical Objectives and Assessment Points

    Shawn L. Carter and Robert E. Bennetts
  • Integrated Resource Management: Applying the Concepts of Rico and Chico
    to Connect Cultural and Natural Resource Management

    Andy Hubbard, Kristin Legg, Duane Hubbard, and Christopher Moos
  • Comparing Current and Desired Conditions of Resource Values for Evaluating
    Management Performance: A Cautionary Note on an Otherwise Useful Concept

    Robert E. Bennetts and Bruce B. Bingham

  • Wherein Lies the Heritage Value? Rethinking the Heritage Value of Cultural Landscapes from an Aboriginal Perspective
    Lisa Prosper

  • 24:3 (2007)
  • The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
    Robin Winks on the Evolution and Meaning of the Organic Act
  • The Organic Act—A User’s Guide: Further Thoughts on Winks’ “A Contradictory Mandate?”
    Denis P. Galvin

  • Centennial Essay Feedback
    A selection of recently received comments on previous Centennial Essays
  • Accommodating Controversial Expressions of First Amendment Rights in National Parks:
    One Superintendent’s Experience

    John Howard
  • Issues in Australian Protected Area Management
    Graeme L. Worboys and Michael Lockwood
  • Role of Managed Forestlands and Models for Sustainable Forest Management:
    Perspectives from North America

    William S. Keeton
  • Archeology, National Natural Landmarks, and State Game Sanctuaries:
    Combining Efforts for Science and Management

    Jeanne Schaaf, Judy Alderson, Joe Meehan, and Joel Cusick
  • Environmental Justice and Sustainable Tourism: The Missing Cultural Link
    Blanca Camargo, Katy Lane, and Tazim Jamal
  • “Who’s Doing the Protecting in Protected Areas?” A Global Perspective on Protected Area Governance
    Brent A. Mitchell
  • Origin and History of Wildland Fire Use in the U.S. National Park System
    Bruce M. Kilgore

  • 25:1 (2008)

  • The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
    The National Park Service and Civic Engagement / Edward T. Linenthal

  • Centennial Essay Feedback
    A selection of recently received comments on previous Centennial Essays

  • Wolf Recovery in Yellowstone: Park Visitor Attitudes, Expenditures, and Economic Impacts
    John W. Duffield, Chris J. Neher, and David A. Patterson

  • Out of Africa: Lessons from Park Management in South Africa
    Daniel S. Licht, Rob Slotow, and Joshua Millspaugh

  • The Economic Importance of Extending Habitat Protection Beyond Park Boundaries:
    A Case Study from Costa Rica

    Barry Allen, Lee Lines, and Debra Hamilton

  • Naturalness and Beyond: Protected Area Stewardship in an Era of Global Environmental Change
    David N. Cole, Laurie Yung, Erika S. Zavaleta, Gregory H. Aplet, F. Stuart Chapin III,
    David M. Graber, Eric S. Higgs, Richard J. Hobbs, Peter B. Landres, Constance I. Millar, David J. Parsons, John M. Randall, Nathan L. Stephenson, Kathy A. Tonnessen, Peter S. White, and Stephen Woodley

  • Transportation Research Needs in National Parks: A Summary and Exploration of Future Trends
    John J. Daigle

  • A Very Large Array: Early Federal Historic Preservation—
    The Antiquities Act, Mesa Verde, and the National Park Service Act

    Richard West Sellars

  • 25:2 (2008)

  • The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
    Reassessing the National Park Service and the National Park System
    Janet A. McDonnell

    Celebrating 40 Years of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act: An Evolution of River Protection Strategies
    Sue Jennings and Abby Miller, guest editors

    Celebrating Forty Years of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
    Sue Jennings

    The Wild and Scenic St. Croix Riverway
    Kate Hanson

    Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers
    Jamie Fosburgh, Joe DiBello, and Fred Akers

    2(a)(ii)-Designated National Wild and Scenic Rivers: The Confluence of Local Management and Federal Protection
    Lauren Koshere

    Commercial Grizzly Bear Viewing in the Fishing Branch (Ni’iinlii Njik) Protected Area, Yukon, Canada
    Erik Val

    Climate Change and Cultural Heritage
    Michelle L. Berenfeld, guest editor

    Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: Local Evidence, Global Responses
    Michelle L. Berenfeld

    Sustain the 9!: Greening of the Holy Cross/Lower 9th Community
    Charles E. Allen III

    Protecting Cultural Resources in Coastal U.S. National Parks from Climate Change
    Maria Caffrey and Rebecca Beavers

    The Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project: Fifty Years of Challenge and Insight
    Michael P. Nelson, Rolf O. Peterson, and John A. Vucetich

  • 25:3 (2008)

  • The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
    Designing Ocean Parks for the Next Century
    Gary E. Davis

    Privatizing Isle Royale? The Limits of Free-Market Environmentalism
    Robert Pahre

    Identifying and Protecting the Interpretive Potential of Setting at Cultural Heritage Sites
    Christopher C. Mayer and George N. Wallace

    Holding the High Ground: Interpreting the Civil War in National Parks
    Robert K. Sutton

    Stepping Outside the Boundary: Community-Building at Yosemite National Park
    Christopher C. Lever and J. Keith Gilless

    Evaluating Potential Wildlife Impacts of Future Land Development Adjacent to Protected Areas
    Tony Prato, Anthony S. Clark, and Yan Barnett

  • 26:1 (2009)

    The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series

    George Melendez Wright and the National Park Idea
    Dayton Duncan • 4

    Traditional Cultural Properties: Putting Concept into Practice
    Charles W. Smythe and Frederick F. York, guest editors

    The National Register Framework for Protecting Cultural Heritage Places
    Charles W. Smythe • 14

    Rethinking Traditional Cultural Properties?
    Thomas F. King • 28

    Traditional Cultural Places and the National Register
    Paul R. Lusignan • 37

    The Evolution of Federal Agency Authority to Manage Native American Cultural Sites
    Sherry Hutt • 45

    Indian Point Not for Sale; Or, Reflections on Indian Point
    Rosita Worl • 57

    Anatomy of a Traditional Cultural Property: The Saga of Auke Cape
    Thomas F. Thornton • 64

    Quantifying the Consequences of Fire Suppression in Two California National Parks
    Carol Miller and Brett Davis

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