How to put your book or chapter into the GWS Book Spotlight

The Book Spotlight features recent books, or chapters contributed to edited volumes, that have been published by current GWS members. It's a free benefit to GWS members, and a great way to get the word out about your book.

  • Books (or book chapters) must be by a current GWS member.
  • The book (or chapter) must have been published since 2003.
  • Publications from any source (commerical publisher, university press, government agency, etc.) are eligible.
  • Publications must be on a topic related to parks, protected areas, or cultural sites, or to related professions and activities, such as museums, nature conservation strategy, historic preservation techniques, and so forth.

Interested? Here's what we'll need from you in an email:

  1. The full title of the book with the name(s) of the author(s) and/or editor(s). If you are submitting a chapter in a book, also include the title of the chapter and the names of your chapter co-authors, if any.
  2. The name of the publisher.
  3. The date of the publication.
  4. The number of pages in the book.
  5. The price of the book (give both hardcover and paperback prices).
  6. A very short blurb (no more than 100 words) describing the book (or your chapter, if applicable). Do NOT include price or ordering information in the blurb. You can include review language if you like.
  7. A web link to a page where people can order the book. This can be a link to the publisher's on-line catalogue, to an on-line bookstore such as, or to any other website where people can order the book.
  8. Attach to the email a digital image of the book's cover in JPG format. (This is required — we want the Book Spotlight to resemble a publisher's catalogue.)

We look forward to putting your work in the spotlight!