The Convention on Biological Diversity: "National Action for Protected Areas" report

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is the international treaty that mobilizes support for conserving the world's species.  It has an important protected areas component, known as the Program of Work on Protected Areas.

Those of us in the USA may not know much about the CBD because our country is one of the few that has refused to sign the treaty.  But for the rest of the world, the CBD is a driving force in national protected area planning. 

As part of the 2012 meeting of the signatory nations, the CBD Secretariat produced a progress report titled "National Action for Protected Areas." It's a full-color flyover of protected area success stories from around the world, chronicling progress toward one of the CBD's main targets: to place 17% of terrestrial and 10% of marine environments in protected status by 2020.  You can download a PDF version here.