The George Wright Forum: Overview, manuscript guidelines, and submission form

The George Wright Forum is the journal of the George Wright Society. Published since 1981, The George Wright Forum is devoted to interdisciplinary inquiry about parks, protected areas, and cultural sites. We seek to publish critical thinking on all aspects of policy, research, resource management, administration, and education as they relate to parks, protected areas, and cultural sites.

Published three times a year (April, August, December), hard copies of the journal are available exclusively as part of membership privileges of the GWS or via a library subscription. However, non-members may download PDF versions of our backlist.


Editorial goals

The George Wright Forum encourages authors to submit articles that bear importantly on the Society's objectives: promoting the application of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to policy-making, planning, management, and interpretation of the resources of parks, protected areas, and cultural sites around the world. We look for articles that have a strong point of view, are clearly articulated, and which report important new research findings, management techniques, or policy approaches. We actively seek manuscripts that represent a variety of protected area perspectives.

The Society also welcomes proposals for sets of articles under a common theme. Thematic sets comprise anywhere from three to eight articles prepared under the guidance of one or more guest editors.  You may propose either an individual paper or a theme issue.

Content standards for The George Wright Forum are maintained by the co-editors in consultation with the Publications Committee of the GWS Board of Directors. This policy enables The George Wright Forum to stay abreast of critical issues and emerging trends in the management of protected areas.


Manuscript preparation

Length and language of submission. Manuscripts should run no more than 4,000 words unless prior arrangements with the editors have been made. Articles are published in English; we welcome translations into English of articles that were originally prepared in another language. In such cases we also try to publish an abstract of the article in the original language. We encourage illustrations (photos and other graphics); the limit is 5 per article. (See below for important technical information on submitting illustrations.)

Deadlines.  Unless prior arrangement has been made with the editors, there is no specific deadline for manuscript submission.  We evaluate manuscripts as they are received (the process usually takes 4–8 weeks); if the manuscript is accepted, it is assigned to the next available issue.

Citations. Citations should be given using either of the formats laid out in the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Editorial matters. Manuscripts submitted for consideration are reviewed by the co-editors and, as necessary, by the Publications Committee. This is not a formal peer-review process; however, if requested by an author, the editors will work with submitters to seek peer review of any individual manuscript. Generally, manuscripts that have been accepted are edited only for clarity, grammar, and so on. We contact authors before publishing if major revisions to content are needed. Because of tight publication deadlines, we do not routinely provide page proofs for authors to review.  

The George Wright Forum is distributed internationally; submissions should minimize provincialism, avoid academic or agency jargon and acronyms (for example, we do not use the USNPS 4-letter acronyms for park names), and highlight broadly applicable advances and insights.

Copyright and permissions. The George Wright Forum is copyrighted by the Society; written permission for additional publication is required but freely given (for noncommercial purposes) as long as the article is attributed as having been first published here. We do consider certain previously published articles for republication in The George Wright Forum. Authors proposing such articles should ensure all needed copyright permissions are in place before submitting the article for consideration. Permissions and attributions should be submitted for all photos and other graphics requiring them.

Graphics and photos. All graphics MUST be in .tif or .jpg format and sourced at 300 dpi (for photographs) and 300 to 1200 dpi (for graphs, charts, and other line art) when sized at approximately 4x6 inches. NO OTHER FORMATS OR RESOLUTIONS ARE ACCEPTABLE. Each graphic must be submitted in a separate file, NOT embedded in a text document. A separate text document containing captions and credits must be submitted.  Authors are responsible for securing permission to use copyrighted graphics and photos.  By submitting such materials to us, you warrant that you have received permission from the copyright holder (if any) for their use in The George Wright Forum.

No more than five graphics, photos, and tables (in combination) are allowed for each paper.

We particularly welcome good, vertically oriented, color photos for possible use on the cover. Keep in mind that all photos and other graphics on inside pages are run in black-and-white in the hard copy edition of each issue. Therefore, do not make reference to specific colors in graphics (e.g., "The red line represents so-and-so") because all inside graphics get grayscaled before print publication. Also, be aware that many highly detailed maps that are meant for on-screen viewing or printing in color, such as are commonly produced with GIS software, will lose fine detail when grayscaled; certain features that stood out easily in color may be indistinguishable from each other when grayscaled. We strongly suggest you preview such maps in grayscale before submitting.

Under certain conditions, we also accept hard-copy illustrations for scanning into digital format. Contact us for details if you wish to do this.



How to submit an individual paper for consideration

Please submit your paper and accompanying material to the


How to submit a proposal for a theme issue

To propose a set of thematic articles, submit the following form:




If you have questions before you submit a proposal or a manuscript, contact us.  We're glad to help.

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