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Cover, vol. 33 no. 2


The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
Second Sentence for a Second Century:
Integrating the Mission of the National Park Service

Denis P. Galvin

Letter from Woodstock
Thoughts on Kenai Fjords and Maine Woods
Rolf Diamant

Scaling Up: Landscape-scale Conservation in North America
Brent A. Mitchell, guest editor

Zooming Out
Brent A. Mitchell

National Parks and the Scaling Up Imperative
Raymond M. Sauvajot

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives:
Working Beyond Boundaries to Tackle Large-Scale Conservation Challenges
Tom Olliff, Rua Mordecai, Janet Cakir, Benjamin S. Thatcher, Gary M. Tabor,
Sean P. Finn, Hilary Morris, Yvette Converse, Amanda Babson, William B. Monahan, and
Elsa M. Haubold

National Heritage Areas: Learning from 30 Years of Working to Scale
Brenda Barrett and Eleanor Mahoney

Connecting Humans and Nature:
The Appalachian Trail Landscape Conservation Initiative
Dennis Shaffer

Chesapeake: A Network of Conservationists Across 64,000 Square Miles
Jonathan L. Doherty and Suzanne E. Copping

Connecting Leaders to Advance Policy and Practice:
The Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation
Shawn Johnson

A Journey’s End?
Elaine F. Leslie and Jodi Hilty

The Confederate Monument Movement as a Policy Dilemma for Resource Managers of
Parks, Cultural Sites, and Protected Places: Florida as a Case Study

Irvin D.S. Winsboro

The Evolution of the National Park Service: A Hundred Years of Changing Ideas
Compiled by David Harmon and Rebecca Conard