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Cover, vol. 32 no. 1


The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series

Planning for Permanent Emergency:“Triage” as a Strategy for Managing Cultural Resources threatened by Climate Change • Michelle L. Berenfeld


Letter from Woodstock

Preserved and Enlarged Forever • Rolf Diamant


Dual Management of Wildlife in Alaska:Making Federal Practice Align with Federal Mandates • Kyle Joly, Sanford P. Rabinowitch, and Julie Lurman Joly 

Preserving a Natural Wolf Population in Yellowstone National Park, USA • Tony Povilitis


Cultural Resource Management and Planning for the Impacts of Climate Change

Shaun Eyring and Brian Goeken, guest editors


Foreword • Stephanie Toothman  

An NPS Framework for Addressing Climate Change with Cultural Resources • Marcy Rockman   

Fulfilling the Promise of “Parks to People” in a Changing Environment: The Gateway National Recreation Area Experience • Helen Mahan  

Cultural Landscape Preservation in Context: Responding to a Changing Environment • Bob Page

Every Place has a Climate Story: Interpreting Climate Change at Historic Sites • Angela M. Richman

A Decision Framework for Managing Cultural Landscapes Impacted by Climate Change: A Preliminary Report • Robert Z. Melnick, Olivia Burry-Trice, and Veronica Malinay 



“Far-Reaching Effects:” The United States Military and the National Parks during World War II • Janet A. McDonnell