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Cover, vol. 31, no. 1


The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series: From Civil War to Civil Rights
Marty Blatt

Letter from Woodstock
Lincoln, Olmsted, and Yosemite: Time for a Closer Look
Rolf Diamant

The Heart of the Matter:
New essential reading on parks, protected areas, and cultural sites

To Conserve Unimpaired: The Evolution of the National Park Idea, by Robert B. Keiter
Reviewed by Paul Schullery

Facilities Management in the National Park Service: A Model for Sustainability and Preservation

Tim Harvey, Ralph J. Coury, and Sarah E. Burke, guest editors


The Science Underlying Facility Management in the National Park Service—
Much More than Meets the Eye

Tim Harvey

Preserving the Past:
Managing the National Park Service Historic Asset Portfolio
Mary Tidlow

National Park Service Facility Management:
International and Interagency Cooperation
Steve Olig

Maintained Landscapes in the National Park Service
Charlie Pepper and Susan Dolan

A Mission for Sustainability amidst a Changing Climate
Ryan Michelle Scavo





Reconciling Competing Visions in New Deal Parks:
Natural Conservation, Historic Preservation, and Recreational Development
Angela Sirna

“Green and Shady Camps”:
E.P. Meinecke and the Restoration of America’s Public Campgrounds
Terence Young

A Bird in Our Hand:
Weighing Uncertainty about the Past against Uncertainty about the Future
in Channel Islands National Park

Scott A. Morrison

Rejoinder to “Discernment and Precaution: A Response to Cochrane and Mech”
Tim Cochrane