GWS Governance

The George Wright Society is governed by an 11-member, all-volunteer Board of Directors. The majority of the Board is elected, with the rest appointed.  Board elections are held every year.  Terms are staggered such that the terms of two elected Board members and at least 1 appointed Board member expire each year. Other than having expenses paid to travel to one in-person Board meeting per year, Board members receive no remuneration. The GWS has a stated goal of maintaining a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences on the Board.

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As a 510(c)(3) nonprofit organization under US Internal Revenue Service rules, GWS is required to file an annual Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, known as an IRS 990 form. The 990 provides detailed financial information on the GWS, including where we get our money, how we spend it, the public goods that come from our work, and more.  By law, 990s are public documents and open to your inspection.

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