GWS2013: Getting around & enjoying Denver

Getting around downtown Denver

Downtown Denver is relatively compact and easy to get around on foot, by public transport, and even by bike.  The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel is located at the south end of the downtown (high-res downtown map with hotel location highlighted; PDF; filesize = 4Mb).  The hotel is located adjacent to the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall which is served by a free shuttle bus; the mall runs the length of the downtown and the shuttle can be used to get quickly from one side to the other.

At the northern end of the downtown is Lower Downtown, or LoDo (pronounced "Loh-Doh"), which is an interesting district of historic structures refurbed into shops, restaurants, brewpubs, and the like.


Enjoying the city

There are hundreds of websites that provide travel and dining info for Denver. To get you started, here are three provided by the city's Convention & Visitors' Bureau:

  • "Must-See Denver": a very good introduction to Denver's principal attractions.
  • Denver Restaurant Finder (search engine) & Guide.  If you are a foodie (or even if you aren't) you can also read Denver foodies' recommendations of favorite places and dishes.
  • Current events in Denver calendar, divided into tabs for theatre, music, musuems, science & nature, etc.

You can also check out this wiki page on travel to and attractions in Denver.


Security considerations

Denver is a safe place to visit, but as in any big city, conference attendees should be aware of their surroundings and keep to well-traveled streets after dark.

You should also use the same care with your valuables while in the conference hotel itself.  As a busy public venue, it is quite possible for non-registrants to circulate through the common areas of the hotel.  Keep your laptop, smart phone, and other valuables with you at all times.