GWS2013: Service projects


Service Projects are a way for GWS Conference attendees to get out into the local community and help with a park- or environment-related project.  It's a chance to get out of the hotel and get your hands a bit dirty for a good cause.  For GWS2013, we have one Service Project scheduled, for Friday, March 15.


South Platte River Corridor Vegetation Management and Clean-up

Depart hotel: 9:00am

Arrive back at hotel: 12:00 noon

Organized by: City of Denver Parks and Recreation Department

Why the project is needed: The South Platte River was polluted, neglected, and cut off from Denver residents and visitors until a major clean-up effort began in 1974.  Through public, private, and philanthropic partnerships one of the first greenway systems in America was developed. The river corridor is now a thriving ecological and recreation resource.  Thirty miles of trails, parks, boat launches and other attractions thread from Littleton through the heart of Denver.  Periodic removal of vegetation and clean-up are required.

What you will be doing: Helping Denver Parks and Recreation Department  with willow thinning, tree limb removal, and clean-up along a section of the corridor.

What you need to bring with you: Work gloves; water bottle; snacks.  Wear comfortable winter-worthy clothing that you wouldn't mind getting dirty.  This project will take place rain, snow, or shine, so be prepared with raingear or winterwear if conditions warrant.

What equipment will be provided: All necessary trimming and cleanup equipment.

Special skills required: None.

Number of people needed: 5 minimum.

Transportation is by foot, public bus, bicycle rental.

There is no charge to participate in the Service Project, but to help us plan we need to have you sign up in advance.