GWS2013: Tips on cutting your travel costs

  • Pick your airline and your routing carefully. Denver is served by several discount carriers, including Southwest. And you might want to check alternatives to nonstop flights to Denver ... it may be way cheaper to allow yourself to routed through your airline's nearest hub city. (But note: nonstops have a lower carbon footprint — takeoffs and landings are where they really burn jet fuel.) Use a travel-search website like or that gives you multiple comparisons and routing choices.
  • Stay over Saturday night. Airlines have recently started giving discounts again for Saturday-night stayovers. If you are planning on arriving Sunday, March 10, consider coming a day early. You might save enough on airfare to more than cover the extra night’s room charge and your food for another day. You can also beat the long registration lines by registering on Sunday afternoon.
  • Consider a roomie. You can cut your hotel room costs in half by doubling up. If you don’t have someone to room with, check out our "Looking for a roommate?" webpage.
  • Room tax exemption for government employees.  Federal employees using GSA SmartPay Purchase Cards to pay for the hotel room are exempt from the state (but not necessarily the local) portion of hotel room.  More information here.
  • Share a ride to Denver.  Looking to carpool?  Already driving and willing to share?  Check our our "Looking to carpool to the conference?" webpage.
  • Skip the rental car. The Sheraton Downtown is located right next to the free shutlle bus that runs along the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall.  You can use it to get across the entire downtown at no charge.  You can also get around the rest of the city by public transport.  It's all explained here.  Parking at the Sheraton is also more than $33 per day.  All in all ... you don't need a rental car!
  • Cheap eats nearby. You can grab low-cost meals at many places near the Sheraton.