GWS2017: Proposal for a Poster

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Use this form to propose a Poster for presentation in the multi-day Poster Session. Items marked with an asterisk are required fields.

For the purposes of this abstract submission, the "Lead author" is the person who will actually put up and present the Poster at the conference. Additional authors (if any) can be listed below. All correspondence regarding this abstract will go to the lead author.

List the name and affiliation of any additional authors here — no other information is necessary. List each author on a separate line.

Do not use ALL CAPS. The title can be no more than 15 words.

In no more than 25 words, describe the take-home benefits audience members will receive by viewing your poster. For example: Will they learn about new techniques that they can apply in their own work? Hear about new concepts that will help shape the future of parks, protected areas, and cultural sites? Gain a better understanding of a current controversial issue? Be as specific as you can — the Conference Committee is looking for proposals that will deliver demonstrable benefits.

Summarize your poster. Format as one paragraph, no more than 150 words.

Provide at least one, but no more than 3, keywords that attendees can use as terms to search the abstracts. Separate each word with commas.

Check "yes" if you are planning to use a laptop, tablet, or some other presentation device at your poster station. We will try to situate your poster near a power outlet, but if possible you should plan to run the device on its battery.

We may be able to offer wireless in the Poster area, but be advised that you may have to pay a charge for it to the Hotel. If there is a charge, we'll let you know beforehand. (You might also be able to connect to the Internet via tether through your cell provider.)

We are looking for people willing to chair concurrent sessions made up of PACs submitted to the conference. Answering “Yes” does not obligate you in any way. We will contact you if an appropriate session, matched to your interests, develops; then you can decide if you'd like to chair that session.

If not, enter "No." If it does, please indicate whether any Indigenous people will be involved in presenting it if it is selected for the conference.

We ask this information to help facilitate the DOI approval process for USNPS employees. WE ONLY NEED THIS INFORMATION FOR USNPS EMPLOYEES WHO WISH TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE. For these employees, please list their name, duty station, Region, and email. If no USNPS employees are involved, enter “No.”

Use this box to give us any special instructions or requests pertaining to your abstract.