Volume 31, #3 (2014)

Cover, vol. 31, no. 3









The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
Making the Transition to the Third Era of Natural Resources Management
Nathan L. Stephenson

Letter from Woodstock
When Will We Really Have a System of National Parks?
Rolf Diamant


Global Change and the World’s Iconic Protected Areas
Paul J. Eagles and Patricia A. Taylor, guest editors

Iconic Parks as Environmental Arks
Patricia A. Taylor

Global Change and Human Impact Challenges in Managing Iconic National Parks
R.W. (Bill) Carter, Stephen J. Walsh, Chris Jacobson, and Marc L. Miller

A Conceptual Framework for Studying Global Change, Tourism, and the Sustainability of Iconic National Parks
Marc L. Miller, R.W. (Bill) Carter, Stephen J. Walsh, and Sheila Peake

Climate Change Adaptation in the Great Barrier Reef Iconic National Park System
Pedro I.J. Fidelman

Ecotourism in the Galapagos: Management of a Dynamic Emergent System
Diego Quiroga

Sociopolitical Change and Interpretation Emphasis in Kruger National Park, South Africa
Sheila Peake and R.W. (Bill) Carter

Viewing an Iconic Animal in an Iconic National Park: Bears and People in Yellowstone
Patricia A. Taylor, Kerry A. Gunther, and Burke D. Grandjean

Examining Threats to Iconic National Parks through Modeling Global Change, Biocomplexity, and Human Dynamics
Stephen J. Walsh, R.W. (Bill) Carter, Scott Lieske, Diego Quiroga, and Carlos F. Mena



The Antiquities Act and How Theodore Roosevelt Shaped It
Francis P. McManamon

Principles of Sustainable Transportation in the National Parks
Robert Manning, Steven Lawson, Peter Newman, Jeffrey Hallo, and Christopher Monz

Nature Needs Half: A Necessary and Hopeful New Agenda for Protected Areas in North America and around the World
Harvey Locke

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