UK: Remains of Cold War listening station uncovered in North York Moors NP

The eerie moors of a national park have surrendered another spooky visitor attraction, in the vestigial remains of a cold war secret listening post.

Files of photographs and veterans' memories added substance this week to a maze of hillocks and trenches which has long since vanished under grass and heather above the North Sea.

The material, collected by former servicemen with the help of the internet, reveals in detail how radar beams swept the eastern approaches from the Soviet Union after wartime service for the Royal Air Force.

Interlocking signals from the lonely hilltop of Danby Beacon, inland from Whitby, North Yorkshire, also earned a place in history by trapping the first Nazi bomber to be shot down over the United Kingdom.

The base's core activities remain classified, but the Ministry of Defence has allowed the release of some material which might have raised eyebrows in the early 1950s, when Danby Beacon was on full alert. It includes an agreement to leave a solitary light on at the base for late arrivals, after supposed sightings of a headless horseman on the isolated moor, which is often blanketed in sea frets, or fog.

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