Cape Cod NS backing away from plan to kill crows to protect plovers

Cape Cod National Seashore officials, who earlier this year were proposing to kill crows in an effort to protect piping plovers, are backing away from the plan due to the prospective of being sued over the matter. Instead the seashore will spend this year reviewing its shorebird management plan.

Crows have become a problem on the national seashore because some have developed a taste for plover, and they exploit this taste during the Mach-May nesting season. While seashore biologists try to protect nesting plovers by placing exclosures -- a wire cage that has squares large enough for plovers to pass through but not crows -- around nests, some crows have figured out that they can get around this by landing with force atop the exclosure and, in effect, scaring the plovers out.

But when seashore officials started talking about using a poison to convince crows that exclosures should be avoided, some folks who love crows rose up in protest and threatened to sue the seashore over the plan.

That threat was enough to get seashore officials to back off.

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