Gulf Islands NS continues to prepare for possible oil spill impacts

Preparations continue for a possible landfall by the oil spill from the sunken drilling rig Deepwater Horizon. Efforts to cut off the discharge of oil at the wellhead continue to fail. That discharge is still estimated at a thousand barrels a day. The unified command reports that the best hope now is to slow the flow through the wellhead, but it probably won’t be cut off until the relief wells are completed in roughly three months.

An attempt will also be made to place domes over the discharge points in an effort to capture much of the discharge, but that attempt won't be made for roughly three weeks. The latest trajectory map predicts that northerly winds through this evening will keep the oil plume off shore. After that, persistent south-southeast winds through at least the weekend are expected to push the plume towards the coast. Best guess at this time is that the Mississippi delta may be affected as early as Friday, with the plume continuing northward towards Gulf Island over the weekend.

— USNPS Morning Report

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