Denmark: EU issues rules to protect PAs from manure runoff, but local councils having hard time complying

New EU regulations on the treatment and disposal of manure have been difficult for Danish councils and farmers to get a grip on.

Environmental organisations are having unlimited success in cases they have filed against councils and farmers over the handling and disposal of animal waste, reports Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the Ecological Council (DØR) has won all of its 28 complaints with the Environmental Appeals Board since the latest EU rule revisions on preserving protected areas and limited manure odours were recently enacted.

The Society for Nature Conservation has been equally as successful in its complaints, winning 21 out of 21 of its cases.

Councils and the Environment Ministry have attempted to assist farmers in complying with the new rules through extra funding, setting up expert committees and even sending out specialised teams to farms. But according to environment minister Karen Ellemann, the new EU language is ‘very complicated’ and difficult to sift through.

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