In wake of killing of "problem bear," Glacier NP seeks comments on revised management plan

Changes to Glacier National Park's bear management plan, made in part to reflect recommendations stemming from the killing of the "Oldman Lake" grizzly sow and one of her cubs, are open for public review until May 7.

The sow, which gained a reputation as a problem bear for her association of park visitors with food, was killed last August by rangers. While there also was an attempt to tranquilize her two cubs so they could be removed from the park, one of the cubs died when the tranquilizer dart lacerated a jugular vein.

While a Board of Review found no problems with how rangers killed the sow and tranquilized her cubs, it did cite communications problems between rangers and campers in the Oldman Lake Campground, between rangers and a helicopter pilot working with them, and internal park staff communications following the incident.

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