Montana representative sponsors resolution demanding release of Interior Antiquities Act information

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) has cosponsored a resolution that would compel the Department of Interior to release information related to a planned use of the Antiquities Act to designate 13 million acres of land in 11 different Western states, including Montana, as National Monuments. The original plans were uncovered when an internal memo was leaked. Rehberg joined fellow members of the House Western Caucus in sending a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar demanding the full memo and related documents.

“While Montanans would love to take Secretary Salazar’s word that his agency isn’t considering using the Antiquities Act to circumvent public opposition, I would feel more comfortable if the Interior Department didn’t actively hide the facts,” said Rehberg, a member of the House Western Caucus. “It’s time we let the sunlight in and see what’s been going on behind closed doors.”

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