Trump administration throws out USNPS plan for resource stewardship

In a memo to NPS senior leadership, Acting Director Michael Reynolds announced that, in addition to a revocation of a ban on the sales of disposable water bottles, the recently enacted agencywide resource stewardship strategym Director's Order #100, is being rescinded.  The memo, emailed August 22, follows:



To: National Leadership Council

Chief, Office of Policy

From: Acting Director /s/ Michael T. Reynolds

Subject: Changes to Policy Guidance

Effective immediately, the following policies, including any associated
handbooks or reference manuals, are rescinded:

• Policy Memorandum 11-03, Disposable Plastic Water Bottle Recycling and
Reduction, signed December 14, 2011

• Director’s Order #100, Resource Stewardship for the 21st Century, signed
December 20, 2016

Please inform your managers and other staff as appropriate to this change
in policy.