Local officials explore NP status for Cedar Breaks National Monument

Iron County [Utah] Commissioners and Utah representatives are still discussing changes to designate Cedar Breaks National Monument a national park.

Iron County Commissioner Lois Bulloch said the Iron County Commission and Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) have continued researching the issue, but a decision has not been reached.

"It's been in the works for about three years," she said. "A lot of it will depend on Senator Bennett, and what his team comes up with."

Cedar Breaks National Monument Superintendent Paul Roelandt said once the Iron County Commission reaches a decision, it would still be lengthy process before Cedar Breaks can actually become a national park.

"Making Cedar Breaks a national park would have to be legislated through Congress, the same as any other national park," he said. "If the county decides to move forward with this decision, they will work with (Rep. Jim) Matheson and Bennett to offer bills in the House and Senate. Then it will bounce back and forth between the (National) Park Service and various committees before it can be passed and signed by the president."

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