Brazil: Creation of Boa Nova NP & WR protects important bird area

Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has signed the creation of the Boa Nova National Park and the Boa Nova Wildlife Refuge, safeguarding this biodiverse Important Bird Area (IBA) and creating 27,000 hectares of new protected area.

Boa Nova IBA, located in south-west Bahia state, has a unique flora and fauna due to the overlap of two biomes: lush montane Atlantic Forest, and semi-arid caatinga. The dry deciduous forest of the transitional area, known as mata-de-cipó, is the habitat of two restricted range species, the Endangered Slender Antbird Rhopornis ardesiacus and Near Threatened Narrow-billed Antwren Formicivora iheringi. Three hundred and ninety six bird species have been recorded to date at Boa Nova, 14 of which are globally threatened and 17 Near Threatened.

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