Scotland's new marine PA bill does not go far enough, scientists say

PLANNED Scottish marine laws do not go far enough to protect the health of the seas and restore habitats damaged by years of exploitation, says a new report.
The Scottish Association for Marine Science highlights species ranging from cod to maerl – a type of algae – that have been depleted over the past decades due to human activity.

They argue that proposed actions in the Scottish Marine Bill would noADVERTISEMENT

t go far enough to reverse the damage, serving only to maintain the status quo.

The report, Recovering Scotland's Marine Environment, calls for duties to be placed on Scottish ministers to improve the health of Scotland's seas.

It also calls for ministers to draw up a national marine plan – which would cover activity allowed in all Scottish waters. And it suggests targets be set out to make sure improvements are made to the health of the seas.

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