UK: Activists push to save nuclear power station towers in NP, citing architectural significance

A campaign group are making a last ditch attempt to save two towers at the old Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in Snowdonia National Park.

A public inquiry was held in 2002 resulting in calls to reduce the power stations's visual impact.

Work is now under way to make the two 55m high towers smaller.

But a last minute call has been made for the towers to be listed which heritage body Cadw said will be considered in due course.

The former nuclear power station, which has been de-fuelled and is in the process of being decommissioned, generated electricity from 1965 until 1991.

Jon Wright of the London-based Twentieth Century Society said that the power station deserves a fresh look as it was designed by modernist architect Basil Spence. He also designed the post-war Coventry Cathedral.

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