Volume 17, #4 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Path Not Taken: National Park Service
     Rchard West Sellars

Celebrating George Wright:
  A Retrospective on the 20th Anniversary of the GWS 
George Wright’s Vision: What Does It Mean Today?
     David Harmon
A Personal Tribute
     Pamela Wright Lloyd
George Melendez Wright, 1904-1936: A Voice on the Wing
     Jerry Emory and Pamela Wright Lloyd
The Significance of George Wright
     Richard West Sellars
A Summary List of George Wright’s Field Notes
     Compiled by Jerry Emory
A George Wright Bibliography
      Compiled by Jerry Emory
The Magic Window
     George M. Wright

Mosquitoes and Public Health: Protecting a Resource in the Face of Public Fear
     Constantine J. Dillon
Ah! Wilderness
     William E. Brown

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