Volume 17, #2 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Yellowstone Genetic Reservoir--Quandaries and Consequences of Exotic Introduction in Yellowstone National Park: A Consersation Between A Science Person and a Humanities Person
     Paul Schullery anbd John D. Varley

Taking Stock: Changing Ideas and Visions for Parks

Taking Stock
     Paul M. Bray
Park, Forest, and Wilderness
     Ethan Carr
From Management to Stewardship: The Making and Remaking of the U.S. National Park System
     Rolf Diamant
Postcards from Home
      Judith M. LaBelle
Parks for the Future: A European Perspective
     Roberto Gambino
The Evolving Shift in Protected Area Thought and Practices
     J. Gordon Nelson and Lucy M. Sportza
Conservation Without Frontiers: The Global View
     David Sheppard

Conservation Area Network in the Southern Appalachians
     Hugh Irwin and Susan Andrew
Resource Protection in the World's Largest Urban Park: A Model for Partnership Between Parks, Higher Education, and the Community
     Steven E James and Tim Martin
Legislative Practice and Nature Protection in Russia's Kola Peninsula
     Sergey Shestakov and Valery Barcan

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