Volume 17, #1 (2000)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4Box Sixty-Five: The Great Transition
     William E. Brown

Landscape Stewardship: New Directions in Conservation of Nature and Culture

     Jessica Brown, Nora Mitchell, and Fausto O. Sarmiento
Protected Landscapes: A Conservation Model for the 21st Century
     Michael Beresford and Adrian Phillips
World Heritage Cultural Landscapes
     Mechtild Rossler
Protected Landscapes and Cultural Landscapes: Taking Advantage of Diverse Approaches
     Nora Mitchell anbd Susan Buggey
From the Caribbean to the Pacific: Community Conservation in Small Island States
     Giles Romulus and P.H.C. Lucas
Andean Stewardship: Tradition Linking Nature and Culture in Protected Landscapes of the Andes
     Fausto O. Sarmiento, Guillermo Rodriguez, Miriam Torres, Alejandro Argumedo, Mireya Munoz, and Jack Rodriguez
The Stewardship Appraoch and its Relevance for Protected Landscapes
     Jessica Brown and Brent Mitchell

Prioritizing the Research and Monitoring Needs of Terrestrial Mammals in National Parks
     Lisa Kay Garrett and R. Gerald Wright
Books in Brief
     reviewed by David Harmon

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