Volume 16, #2 (1999)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4

Box Sixty-Five: The Four R's as an Rx for the Andes... and Elsewhere?
     Lawrence S. Hamilton

Measuring Up Responsibly: Assessing Protected Areas Through State of Environment Reporting and Indicators

Overview: The Importance and Principles of State of Ecosystems Reporting and Indicators
     Ed B. Wiken
Continental Focus--Reporting on North America: Continental Connection
     Irene Pisanty-Baruch, Jane Barr, ed B. Wiken, and David A. Gauthier
National Focus--Reporting Indicators for Protected Areas and Ecosystems: A Natural Perspective
      Anthony M. Turner, Ed B. Wiken, and Nikita Lopoukhine
Regional Sector Focus--Reporting on Macro-Ecosystems: The Great Plains of North America
     David A Gauthier and Ed B. Wiken
Resource Sector Focus--Reporting and Indicators: Mechanisms in Ecologically Sustaining the Forested Sector
     Judy Loo and Harry Hirvonen

A Private Affair: Nature Reserves in the Hashemitte Kingdom of Jordan
     G.W. Burnett and Ingrid Schneider
Why Don't parks and Sanctuaries Protect Marine Fish Too?
     Gary E. Davis

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