Volume 15, #4 (1998)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4
2000: The Year of Maryland State Parks --- and Beyond?
Maurice H. Schwartz

Box Sixty-Five:  Reflections on Six Years with the GWS Board 
     Jonahtan B. Jarvis

Historical Perspectives on Science and Management in Yellowstone National Park
     Susan Rhoades Neel & Paul Schullery
Preserving the Beasts of Waste and Desolation: Theodore Roosevelt and Predator Control in Yellowstone Park
     Jeremy Johnston
Charles C. Adams and Early Ecological Rationales for Yellowstone National Park, 1916-1941
      James Prtichard
The War Against Blister Rust in Yellowstone National Park, 1945-1978
      Katherine C. Kendall and Jennifer M. Asebrook
A Public Face for Science: A Starker Leopold and the Leopold Report
     Kiki Leigh Rydell

Close Cousins Consider Landscapes: Comparative Notes on Cultural Landscape Work in Australia and the United States
      Jillian Cowley

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