Volume 15, #3 (1998)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4 WCPA News: Raising the profile of Protected Areas in the Convention on Biological Diversity

Protected Areas: Making the Global Connection 
Protected Areas Networks Coordinate Conservation of Shared Resources
     Debra Clausen
A Global Representative System of marine Protected Areas
    Graeme Kelleher
Shorebird Conservation: Protecting Habitats for Hemispheric Migrants
     Jim Corven
The Shorebird Sister Schools Program
     Heather Johnson
A Circumpolar Protected Areas Network for Conserving Biological Diversity
     Leslie Kerr and Finn Kateras
The Mountain Protected Areas Network
     Lawerence S. Hamilton
The World Commission on Protected Areas: A Network of Professional Expertise
     David Sheppard

Sacred Grounds: Preserving America's Civil War Heritage (Part 2 of 2)

Thousand-Mile Front: Civil War in the Lower Mississippi Valley
     Sharon A. Calcote
Bilateral Resource Management and Development: The Illinois-Kentucky Civil War Heritage Trail
    Stephen A. Thompson
Interpretation and Preservation of Civil War Sites: Two Case Studies from West Kentucky
     William H. Mulligan, Jr.
Preserving Mississippi's Civil War Heritage
     Terrence F. Winschel

Yellowstone's Creation Myth
     Lee Whittlesey and Paul Schullery

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