Volume 15, #1 (1998)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4 Box Sixty-Five:  "To Provide for the Enjoyment": Recreation Management in the National Parks 

     Robert E. Manning 

The Business Connection 

The Business Connection: An Introduction
     Maurice H. Schwartz
The Foundations of the National Parks: Ideals and Realities
     Alfred Runte
The Economic Role of America's National Parks: Moving Beyond a Tourist Perspective
     Thomas Michael Power
The Busniness of Parks
     T. Destry Jarvis
The Management Implications of Revenue Parks
     Rick Barton
A Walk in the Park: Fee or Free?
     Shane Miller
NPS and the $300,000 Privy: A Parable for Management
     Phil Voorhees and Eileen Woodford

In Praise of Platt--Or, What is a 'Real' National Park?
     Jacilee Wray and Alexa Roberts

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