World's first international dark-sky preserve declared on Czech-Poland border

Korenov, North Bohemia, Nov 4 (CTK) - The world's first international "darkness reserve" was declared in the Jizerske hory mountains along the Czech-Polish border by six institutions Wednesday, Pavel Suchan, from the Astronomic Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, told CTK.

The mountain range's elevated central plain, without public lighting and surrounded by summits protecting it from the light of neighbouring towns, has been declared a protected Czech-Polish area of dark sky.

"The dark-sky area spreads on some 75 square kilometers. Apart from Jizerka, a village on the Czech side of the border, it also includes the Polish village Orle," Suchan said.

He said there exist places with even darker sky in the Czech Republic's western and southwestern regions. However, in the north there are only few places with the darkness as thick as in Jizerka's surroundings. Astronomers from [nearby towns Jablonec and Liberec] come here to observe the night sky, he added.

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