Florida: Washington Oaks Gardens State Park historic district gets Register listing

It has been a journey six years in the making. Friends of Washington Oaks and the public gathered last week at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park for the commemoration of the Washington Oaks Historic District listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

"It was six years ago this month that park director Doug Carter proposed to the board of directors (Friends of Washington Oaks) that we seek nomination for an historic district for Washington Oaks," said Robert Bouck, president of the Friends group. "We knew nothing about the process, we knew nothing about historic districts at the time, but we sure found out."

A historic district in the United States is a group of buildings, properties or sites that have been designated by one of several entities as historically or architecturally significant, according to the National Park Service Web site, nps.org. Nominations are made by state agencies and the federal government designates historic districts through the National Park Service.

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