Volume 13, #3 (1996)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4 Letter from Gustavus: Islands of Hope - Now More Than Ever
     William E. Brown

Take Back Our Language 

     Jean Matthews

A Report from Moscow: A New Environmental Education Center for Russia

     Natalia Danilina

Wildlife Management in the National Park System: The Self-Regulation Theory Revisited - Report from the ESA Conference 

     R. Gerald Wright

Voices of the New West: The National Park Service in the 20th Century
Editor's Preface
     Art Gomez
The National Park Service and the American West: New Voices, New Missions, New History
     Michael E. Welsh
The New Western History and the National Parks
     Richard White
Land of Constant Change: Uncle Sam and the Town Dweller Settle the West
     Duane A. Smith
The National Park Service Restructuring: A Perspective
     Jerry L. Rogers
The Future of the NPS History Program
    Dwight T. Pitcaithley

Reforming Public Land Management with New Incentives
     Randal O'Toole
The Public Lands and the National Heritage
     Charles F. Wilkinson

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