Volume 13, #2 (1996)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4 Letter from Gustavus: The Will to Live in a Livable Future
      William E. Brown

Values, Ethics, and Public Lands
     Robert E. Manning
Shifting and Expanding Forest Values: The Case of the U.S. National Forests
     David N. Bengston and Zhi Xu
Environmental Values and Ethics: An Empirical Study of the Philosophical Foundations for Park Policy
     Robert E. Manning, William A. Valliere, & Ben A. Minteer
Should Wilderness Areas Become Biodiversity Reserves?
     F. Baird Callicott
Beyond Preservation
      Max Oelschlaeger
Rethinking Place, Reinventing Nature: An Environmental Justice Perspective on Managing the Public Lands
     Robert Gottlieb & Louis Blumberg
Encouraging Environmental Care: A Code of Ethics for Short Hills Provincial Park
     Ingrid Leman Stefanovic
A Wilderness Ethic for the Age of Cyberspace
     Roderick Frazier Nash

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