Volume 19, #2 (2002)

     Guest Editor: Maurice H. Schwartz
The Many Values of Public Parks
     Maurice H. Schwartz
Origins of Fully Funded Public Parks
     John W. Henneberger
Recreational Values of Public Parks
     Robert Manning and Thomas More
The Economic Foundations of Public Parks
     Thomas Michael Power
Why Urban Parks: A Matter of Equity?
     Heath Schenker
The Meaning of Nature: Wilderness, Wildlife, and Ecological Values in the National Parks
     James A. Pritchard
The Value of Historic and Cultural Resources in Public Parks
     Ross M. Kimmel
Scientific Values of Public Parks
     David Graber
Why National Parks?
     Alfred Runte
State Parks: The Backbone
     James Dunmyer
Management of Resources-Based Tourism at Tikal National Park in Northern Guatemala
     Ikuko Fujisaki

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