Volume 18, #1 (2001)

Box Sixty-Five: A Second Century of Stewardship: Mission 2016
     John Donahue

Wilderness and Natural Resource Management in the NPS: Another View
     Bob Krumenaker
Sizes of Canadian National Parks and the Viability of Large Mammal Populations: Policy Implications
     Martine Landry, Vernon G. Thomas, and Thomas D. Nudds
The Taking of the Gettysburg Tower
     John Latschar
The War for the Future: Mountain Bikes and Golden Gate National Recreation Area
     Hal K. Rothman
The Zapovedniks of Russia
     Natalia Danilina
Consuming Nature: The Uneasy Relationship between Technology, Outdoor Recreation, and Protected Areas
     John Shultis
Ecological Studies of Bison in the Greater Yellowstone Area: Development and Implementation
     Peter J.P. Gogan, John A. Mack, Wayne G. Brewster, Edward M. Olexa, and Wendy E. Clark

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