Volume 11, #4 (1994)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4
Letter from Gustavus: The One Sure Line
      William E. Brown

Proposal for a National Park Institute: A Call for Interest
      Gary E. Davis
The "Status of Protected Areas in North America" Project: A Introductory Note
     Ed Wiken, Tony Olsen, and Miguel Esquiha-Zamora

Three Views of the Wild on the 30th Anniversary of The Wilderness Act
The Wildlands Project: A Vision for Life
     James R. Strittholt
Building a Wilderness Recovery Network
      Reed F. Noss
Wilderness, Myth, and American Character
      Marvin Henberg

Remembering Abraham Lincoln: History and Myth
     Richard West Sellars
Parks for Life: Action for Protected Areas in Europe
     Adrian Phillips

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