Volume 11, #1 (1994)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4
Letter from Gustavus
     William E. Brown

Dubrovnik's Old City: The Destruction of a World Heritage Cultural Site
     UNESCO, Institutue for the Protection of the Cultural Monuments and Natural Environment of Dubrovnik, and Institute for the Rehabilitation of Dubrovnik
Bird Checklists: A Review and Guidelines
     Ro Wauer
Overcoming Political and Administrative Barriers to Effective Protected Areas Management
     Bruce Davis
From New Prepectives to Ecosystem Management
     William E. Shands, Ann Black, and Jim Giltmier
The Wilderness Act of 1964: Its Relationship to the NPS Organic Act
     Frank Buono
Heritage or Millstone? A Review of the Relevance of Historic Landscapes to Sustainable Management in New Zealand Today
     Valerie G. Kirby

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