Volume 10, #3 (1993)

Cover, vol. 17, no. 4
Letter from Gustavus: An Open Letter on ANILCA
     William E. Brown

Wading into the NBS Pool
     Robert M. Linn and David Harmon
Fisheries Resource Management Issues and Policies, Interpretation-and the USNPS Mission
     Daniel R. Tardona and Jayne Tardona
U.S. National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring: A California Park Perspective
     Judd A. Howell
Can Wildlife Pay for Itself?
     Martin Holdgate
What We've Learned About GIS: One Park's Experience in the World of Geographic Information Systems
     Chuck Rafkind, Hugh Devine, John Karish, and Patti Dienna
The Rise and Decline of Ecological Attitudes in National Park Management: Part III (Conclusion)
     Richard West Sellars

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