Volume 28, #3 (2011)

Cover, vol. 28, no. 3


The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
Revisiting the Organic Act: Can It Meet the Next Century’s Conservation Challenges?
Robert B. Keiter

The Heart of the Matter:
New essential reading on parks, protected areas, and cultural sites

Sacred Natural Sites: Conserving Nature and Culture, edited by Bas Verschuuren, Robert Wild,
Jeffrey A. McNeely, and Gonzalo Oviedo
• Reviewed by David Harmon


Fulfilling the International Mission of the US National Park Service
Stephen Morris and Jonathan Putnam, guest editors

The Importance of International Involvement of the National Park Service
Jonathan B. Jarvis

Linking NPS to the World:
The Role of the National Park Service Office of International Affairs

Stephen Morris and Jonathan Putnam

Collecting and Diffusing “the World’s Best Thought”:
International Cooperation by the National Park Service

Terence Young and Lary M. Dilsaver

The World Heritage Convention and the National Park Service, 1962–1972
Peter H. Stott

Perspectives from the Field on International Engagement
Binational Cooperation in the Big Bend Region

Joe Sirotnak

Rocky Mountain National Park’s Sister Park Relationship
Ben Bobowski and Vaughn Baker

Sister Parks as a Tool to Protect Shared Resources:
An Example from St. Croix National Scenic Riverway

Christopher E. Stein

White Sands National Monument and Cuatrociénegas:
An International Collaborative with Tangible and Intangible Benefits

Kevin Schneider

International Experience: A Gateway to Professional Development
Cynthia Orlando

International Experience: Personally Rewarding and Good for NPS
Bob Krumenaker

The Wilderness Act: The Minimum Requirement Exception
Frank Buono •

A Model Process for Developing Adaptation Options for Natural Heritage Areas in an Era of
Rapid Climate Change

Paul A. Gray, Christopher J. Lemieux, Thomas J. Beechey, and Daniel J. Scott

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