UK: Greepeace, other enviros blast government's refusal to allow exiled Chagossians to return to MPA

Leading conservation groups have condemned the government's "huge violation" of the rights of thousands of exiled Chagossian islanders who cannot return to their Indian ocean coral islands because they have been surrounded by the world's largest marine nature reserve.

Proposals by the British foreign secretary David Miliband in 2008 for the creation of a giant 1m ha marine protection zone closed to all fishing around the almost pristine tropical archipelago were backed enthusiastically by nine of the world's major green groups, including Kew Gardens, the RSPB, Greenpeace, the Pew Environment group, the Zoological Society of London and the Marine Conservation Society. Together they asked supporters to back the Foreign Office proposal for the reserve and raised over 275,000 signatures. The park was finally established in 2010.

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