Conservationist Louise Murie dies at 100; last of family quartet that shaped wildlife management in US

FAIRBANKS — The last surviving member of a family foursome that helped change Alaska died Tuesday in Jackson Hole, Wyo., at the age of 100.

Born in Fairbanks in 1912, Louise “Weezy” Gillette Murie MacLeod was perhaps the least well-known of the Murie family, preferring to stay in the background and offer support while her husband, Adolph, her half-sister Mardy, and Olaus — who was both Mardy’s husband and Adolph’s brother — gained recognition for their conservation efforts in Alaska. While Mardy wrote books and worked with Olaus in spearheading a successful campaign to get the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge established, MacLeod typed Adolph’s manuscripts and raised their two children, daughter Gayle and son Jan.

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