GWS2013: Proposal for a PAC (Paper for Assignment to a Concurrent Session)

Use this form to propose a 25-minute Paper presentation for assignment to one of the GWS2011 concurrent sessions. Items marked with an asterisk are required fields.

For the purposes of this abstract submission, the "Lead author" is the person who will actually present the paper. Additional authors (if any) can be listed below. All correspondence regarding this abstract will go to the lead author.

List the name, job title, affiliation, city, and state/province of any additional authors here — no other information is necessary. For each one, put all this information on to a single line; only use returns to start a new line for the next author.

We are looking for people willing to chair concurrent sessions made up of individual papers submitted to the conference. Answering “Yes” does not obligate you in any way. We will contact you if an appropriate session, matched to your interests, develops; then you can decide if you'd like to chair that session.

Use this box to give us any special instructions or requests pertaining to your abstract.

Enter a 2-sentence (no more than 40 words total) biographical sketch of the presenter. This biosketch will be used by the session chair to introduce the presenter. The first sentence should begin with the presenter's name, followed by job title /affiliation and place of work, like this: "Jane Doe is superintendent of XYZ State Park in Locationville, Louisiana." The second sentence can add whatever information you think most pertinent for people to know: examples might be a few words about your work experience, or about your research interests.