Volume 29, #2 (2012)

Cover, vol. 29, no. 2


The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
Beyond the 59th Park: Reforming the Nomenclature of the US National Park System
David Harmon

The Heart of the Matter:
New essential reading on parks, protected areas, and cultural sites

Rambunctious Garden, by Emma MarrisReviewed by David M. Graber

Letter from Woodstock
Keeping on the Path
Rolf Diamant

Economic Significance Analysis of Visitation to Remote Alaska Public Lands:
A Case Study of Katmai National Park and Preserve

Ginny Fay and Neal Christensen

Using Integrated Research and Interdisciplinary Science:
Potential Benefits and Challenges to Managers of Parks and Protected Areas

Charles van Riper III, Robert B. Powell, Gary Machlis, Jan W. van Wagtendonk, Carena J.
van Riper, Eick von Ruschkowski, Steven E. Schwarzbach, and Russell E. Galipeau

Communicating about Wildlife-associated Disease Risks in National Parks
Darrick T. Evensen, Daniel J. Decker, and Kevin T. Castle

Management Response to Eroding Wildland Buffers between Developed and Protected Areas
through Education and Collaborative Planning Efforts

J. Keith Gilless and Rachel C. Smith


The State of History in the National Park Service: A Conversation and Reflections

Imperiled Promise: The State of History in the National Park Service—Opening the

Anne Whisnant, Marla Miller, Gary Nash, and David Thelen

A Sobering Report—Imperiled Promise: The State of History in the National Park Service
Lisa Mighetto

The Need for Intellectual Courage, the History Leadership Council,
and the History Advisory Board

Timothy S. Good


Engaging New and Diverse Audiences in the National Parks:
An Exploratory Study of Current Knowledge and Learning Needs

Rebecca Stanfield McCown, Daniel Laven, Robert Manning, and Nora Mitchell

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