Volume 25, #1 (2008)

Volume 26, #1The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
The National Park Service and Civic Engagement
     Edward T. Linenthal 
Wolf Recovery in Yellowstone: Park Visitor Attitudes, Expenditures, and Economic Impacts
      John W. Duffield, Chris J. Neher, and David A. Patterson
Out of Africa: Lessons from Park Management in South Africa
      Daniel S. Licht, Rob Slotow, and Joshua Millspaugh
The Economic Importance of Extending Habitat Protection Beyond Park Boundaries: A Case Study from Costa Rica
      Barry Allen, Lee Lines, and Debra Hamilton
Naturalness and Beyond: Protected Area Stewardship in an Era of Global Environmental Change
      David N. Cole, Laurie Yung, Erika S. Zavaleta, Gregory H. Aplet, F. Stuart Chapin III, David M. Graber, Eric S. Higgs, Richard J. Hobbs, Peter B. Landres, Constance I. Millar, David J. Parsons, John M. Randall, Nathan L. Stephenson, Kathy A. Tonnessen, Peter S. White, and Stephen Woodley
Transportation Research Needs in National Parks: A Summary and Exploration of Future Trends
      John J. Daigle
A Very Large Array: Early Federal Historic Preservation—The Antiquities Act, Mesa Verde, and the National Park Service Act
      Richard West Sellars

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