Volume 25, #2 (2008)

Volume 25, #2The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series
Reassessing the National Park Service and the National Park System
      Janet A. McDonnell
Celebrating 40 Years of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act: An Evolution of River Protection Strategies
      Sue Jennings and Abby Miller, guest editors
Celebrating Forty Years of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
      Sue Jennings
The Wild and Scenic St. Croix Riverway
      Kate Hanson
Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers
      Jamie Fosburgh, Joe DiBello, and Fred Akers
2(a)(ii)-Designated National Wild and Scenic Rivers: The Confluence of Local Management and Federal Protection
      Lauren Koshere
Commercial Grizzly Bear Viewing in the Fishing Branch (Ni’iinlii Njik) Protected Area, Yukon, Canada
      Erik Val
Climate Change and Cultural Heritage
      Michelle L. Berenfeld, guest editor
Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: Local Evidence, Global Responses
      Michelle L. Berenfeld
Sustain the 9!: Greening of the Holy Cross/Lower 9th Community
      Charles E. Allen III
Protecting Cultural Resources in Coastal U.S. National Parks from Climate Change
      Maria Caffrey and Rebecca Beavers
The Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project: Fifty Years of Challenge and Insight
      Michael P. Nelson, Rolf O. Peterson, and John A. Vucetich

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