Volume 30, #2 (2013)

Cover, vol. 30, no. 2

The National Park Service Centennial Essay Series


Considerations of Culture, Community, Change, and the Centennial
M. Melia Lane-Kamahele


Letter from Woodstock

Uncertain Footing on Hallowed Ground?
Rolf Diamant


The Heart of the Matter:
New essential reading on parks, protected areas, and cultural sites

Managing Outdoor Recreation: Case Studies in the National Parks,
by Robert E. Manning and Laura E. Anderson

Reviewed by Robert G. Dvorak


Simply “Being There”:
A Legitimate Point on the Geotourism and National Park Visitor Opportunity Spectrum

John Watson


Striving toward Best Practices: Innovations in International Protected Area Capacity Development
Eick von Ruschkowski and Thomas E. Fish, guest editors

Thomas E. Fish and Eick von Ruschkowski

The IUCN Protected Area Capacity Development Program
David Reynolds and Nigel Dudley

The State of Human Dimensions Capacity for Natural Resource Management:
Needs, Knowledge, and Resources

Natalie R. Sexton, Kirsten M. Leong, Brad J. Milley, Melinda M. Clarke, Tara L. Teel, Mark A. Chase, and Alia M. Dietsch

Building Capacity to Enhance Protected Area Management Effectiveness:
A Current Needs Assessment for the Asian Context

A.W. Don Carlos, T.L. Teel, M.J. Manfredo, and V.B. Mathur

Visitor Management in Brazil’s Protected Areas:
Benchmarking for Best Practices in Resource Management

Robert C. Burns and Jasmine Cardozo Moreira

Marine Protected Area Management Capacity Development:
Assessing and Responding to Local and Regional Needs

Thomas E. Fish and Anne H. Walton

Climate Change Communication Campaign Planning:
Using Audience Research to Inform Design

Jessica Thompson, Shawn Davis, and Karina Mullen

Training Future Decision-Makers in Park Management:
Transatlantic Capacity Building through the EU’s ERASMUS Programme

Eick von Ruschkowski, Arne Arnberger, Robert C. Burns, Thomas E. Fish, and
Alena Salašová


Starker Leopold’s Second Thoughts on the Leopold Report:
A Recently Discovered Transcript of a 1975 Speech

David M. Graber

“What We’re Talking about Here are Dynamic Processes that Don’t Stop”:
A Speech to the National Park Service Western Region Superintendents’
Resource Management Seminar, April 28, 1975

A. Starker Leopold

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