Fighting against dropping water levels, boaters' shortcut route deepened at Glen Canyon NRA

To help boaters avoid a long excursion to reach the main arm of Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah, the Castle Rock Cut has been deepened to an elevation of 3,580 feet.

Castle Rock Cut is a popular short-cut route on Lake Powell that allows boaters at Glen Canyon NRA to shorten the trip between the major Wahweap Marina and destinations uplake by a distance of 12 miles. Years of drought and falling water levels for the lake almost routinely have forced crews to deepen this channel. This year the Park Service was aided by concessionaire ARAMARK to complete the latest deepening. Funds from project user fees were used to complete the project. Use of this shortcut to uplake areas will be dependent on lake levels and the draft of each vessel. As the lake rises, boaters are asked to exercise caution and use the Cut at their own risk.

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