Volume 23, #3 (2006)

Volume 23, #3
The Antiquities Act and the Acreage Debate
      Frank Norris
The All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
      Becky Nichols, guest editor
      Michael Soukup
The ATBI in the Smokies: An Overview
      Peter White and Keith Langdon
The Science Approach to the Smokies ATBI
      Charles Parker and Ernest Bernard
Science Education Programs with the ATBI
      Jeanie Hilten, Jamie Cox, Dan Dourson, Heather Grossnickle, Jennifer Pierce, Susan Sachs, Paul Super, and Mark Wetzel
Implications of an ATBI for Reserve Stewardship
      Keith Langdon, Peter White, and Becky Nichols
Scientific Findings, Success Stories, Lessons Learned, and an Alliance of ATBIs
      Keith Langdon, Charles Parker, and Becky Nichols

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